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buro [búro] 1n Preserved salted fish; raw fish soaked and stored in brine. buro (sem. domains: - Food from animals.) 2v To preserve fish by salting, soaking and storing in brine. magbúro Aburuhon nato kaling kurinding para sa tig-kukusog. We’ll preserve this ‘kurinding’ by salting them to save for the stormy season.

burog-burog [burog-búrog] dial. var. of balang-balang

burol [búrol] v To lie, be laid in state (as of a dead body). nakabúrol Nakaburol ngasing si Tang Ige sa inra bayay. Tang Ige’s body is lying in state at their house. Ingburol si Nonoy it limang adlaw sa inra bayay. Nonoy’s body was laid out for five days at their house. (sem. domains: - Corpse.) der. pagburol

buron [burón] dial. var. of barado

buros [burós] v 1To flower (as of grain crops where they form grain in the flowering head e.g. rice). (sem. domains: - Growing grain, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2To be, become pregnant. (colloquial) (sem. domains: - Pregnancy.)

buroy₁ [búroy] n Animal species; Jellyfish (as of the general name for all big and small jellyfish). (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals, - Fish.)

buroy₂ [búroy] 1adj Unintelligent, dumb, dull mentally. bubo syn: bulok 1. (sem. domains: - Stupid.) 2v To become even more unintelligent, dumb, dull mentally. (sem. domains: - Stupid.)

hinaburon [hinabúron] (der. of hinabor) v To undo, unravel, untangle, unknot (as of rope or fishing net). (sem. domains: - Tangle.)

kalburo [kalbúro] n Batteries. baterya (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot, - Working with electricity.)

paburot-burot [paburot-burót] adv Continuous, fast sound (as of constant talking or the running of the motor of a jeep). paharorot Ahat maintindihan kag ida paburot-burot nak bisaya. His fast talk can hardly be understood. Paburot-burot sida magbisaya pag yangoey. When he’s drunk, he talks fast and continuously. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)

pagburol [pagbúrol] (der. of burol) n/ger Lying, being laid in state (as of a dead body). (sem. domains: - Religious ceremony, - Corpse.)

pulburon [pulburón] n A popular candy: melted margarine mixed with flour, powdered milk and sugar, and wrapped. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)

balang-balang [balang-baláng] (dial. var. burog-burog) 1adj Wobbling, staggering, tottering, lurching way of walking or travelling (as of like a drunk person or a wobbling jeep). Nagpapanawey tong yango it pabalang-balang. The drunken fellow is already walking with a stagger. Abang yain gimuyatan kaling tawong yango dahil balang-balang magpanaw. Its not nice to see a man drunk because he staggers from side to side when walking. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty, - Balance.) 2vi To wobble, stagger, totter, lurch (as of like a drunk person or wobbling jeep). pasuray-suray Nagbalang-balangey si Mundo pauli sa inra bayay. Mundo was already staggering home to their place. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty, - Balance.) 3adj Illmannered; bad mannered (as of speech). (sem. domains: - Impolite.) 4adj To be bad, ill mannered in the way one speaks or answers. (sem. domains: 3.5 - Communication, - Impolite.) der. pabalang-balang

barado [barádo] (dial. var. buron) (der. of bara) adj Blocked; obstructed (as of a water pipe or stuffed-up nose). barado Barado kag ako ilong it sip-on. My nose is stuffed-up with mucus. Barado ka tanan nak rayanan sa prisuhan kada indi pwede makatakas kag mga priso. All the entrance to the prison were blocked therefore the prisoners could’nt escape. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

bulok [bulók] adj 1Dull, slow, below average mentally, of poor intelligence. naging bubo Kaling anak ay nagpakabulok sa pag-aray tong mapabarkada. This child got a dull mind when he indulged himself to his friends company. syn: buroy 1. (sem. domains: - Stupid.) 2To be, become even more dull, slow, below average mentally, of poor intelligence. (sem. domains: - Stupid.)

askar [áskar] 1adj Dry, scratchy, rough, aggravated (as of a sore throat). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.) 2vi To become dry, scratchy or rough (as of one's throat in an allergic reaction). Ing-askaran sida it buro kada nagpanuka. She feel the drying-up of her throat because of the salted fish so she vomited. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)

libor [líbor] 11.1n Neighbourhood. 2vi To revolve. Kag kalibutan ay naglilibor sa adlaw. The earth revolves around the sun. 3vbt To turn something around. umíkot Aliburon nako kag mga bangko. I will turn the chairs around.