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butuhan [bútuhan] (der. of buto) n Election day. (sem. domains: - Election.)

hangar [hangár] 1vbt To look up to, admire, hold in esteem, respect. tingala Naghangar sida kada ida nakita kag pugar it pispis. She looked up so she saw the bird’s nest. (sem. domains: 4.3.2 - Admire someone, - Popular, - Like, love.) 2vt To aspire to; desire to be, do. hangad Naghahangar sida nak mapasahan kag eksamen. She’s aspiring to pass the examination. Ahangaron nako kag pagraog sa butuhan. A am aspiring to victory in the election. syn: hanrom 1, timyas. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want, - Win.)

pagkatawo [pagkatáwo] n 1Personality; human nature; being; selfhood. pagkatao Sida it usang kandidato nak maado it pagkatawo kada sida kag ato butuhan. He is one candidate with a good personality so we should vote for him. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.) 2To become a person, human being (as of Christ coming to earth as a person). (sem. domains: - Christianity, 2 - Person.) comp. duminahan kag pagkatawo

puno₂ [púnò] n 1Fully grown tree. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.) 2Leader; person in charge; the head of something. pinakapinuno Kag puno it ato banwa ay inabutuhan it kada ap-at nak tuig. The leader of our town is elected every four years. Si Pedring ay kag puno-puno pag waya dili si Mayor. Pedring is the acting head when the Mayor is not here. Nagbisita it patrabaho kag puno ninra. Their director visited the undergoing work. (sem. domains: 4.5.1 - Person in authority.) der. pamumuno , der. pamunuan , der. pinuno , der. puno-puno

raog₂ [raóg] vbt To win; to overcome. manálo Indi kita makaraog it ato kaaway kung waya si Kristo sa ato. We won’t be able to overcome our enemy if Christ isn’t in us. Sio kag nagraog sa butuhan? Who won the election? Aparaugon nato kag ato napipiliang kandidato sa pagka-presidente. We’ll let our choice candidate for president win. Naraog sida it ida pagkamalanguhin. He was overcome by his desire to drink. Naraugan nako kag ako kasapot sa trabaho nak kali. I overcame my irritation with this work. Kag ida ingraugan sa bunot-bunotan ay diyes pesos. What he won in the raffle was ten pesos.