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buyak [búyak] 1n Flower; bloom; blossom (as of the generic term for a full developed flower). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2v To flower, bloom, produce blossoms. Nagbuyakey kag ako ‘orchids’. My orchids produced blossoms already. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 3v To decorate with, put flowers somewhere. bulaklák Ingbuyakan nida kag ida baro. She put flowers on her dress. (sem. domains: 5.1.2 - Household decoration, - Put down, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) der. kabuyakan

kabuyakan [kabuyákan] (der. of buyak) n Flower garden. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers.)

kulintas nak human sa buyak [kulíntas nak humán sa búyak] n Necklace made of flowers; garland; lie. Pag-abot it presidente ay ingsab-itan ninra it kulintas nak human sa buyak. When the President came they gave them garlands. (sem. domains: 5.4.1 - Jewelry.)

pangsabuyak [pangsabúyak] v To throw dust, sand in the air. ingpangsabuyakan ni Noli it baybay kag mga tawo nak yango. Noli had thrown sand in the air at those drunk men.

sabuyak v To throw small particles on someone, as of soil, sand, rice, petals. (sem. domains: 7.8.4 - Tear, rip.)

abot₁ [abót] 1n Arrival, coming. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 2v To arrive, come somewhere (as of somebody arriving on one's doorstep or bad weather hitting one's town). Ka ida abot ay insulip. His arrival is tomorrow. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 3v To have a feeling, sensation come upon or over somebody (as of sadness or hunger). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, 3.4 - Emotion.) 4v To infect, be infected with a sickness. Nag-abot kag bisita it kuman. The visitor arrived earlier. Aabutan ikaw it mga bisita. You will have visitors arrive. Paabuton nimo sida sa Paskwa. You let her come for Christmas. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.) 5v To reach out to a certain point (as of to give, pass or touch someone with something). Aabutan ikaw nako it buyak. I will give you the flower. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 6prep Until. Nag-abot sa ako kag gutom tong kami’y magbaktas it mayado. Hunger overcame me when we hiked a far distance. Ing-abot ako it kabuyong pagkabaton it suyat. I was overcome with homesickness when I received the letter. (sem. domains: - Interval.) 7v To last for, until a certain time. Apaabuton nako it usang adlaw kag kapada. I’ll make the papaya last for one day. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere.) comp. abot-abot yang , comp. bag-ong abot , der. abot-abot , der. paabot , der. paabuton , der. pangngangabot

adap₁ [ádap] 1adj Being bred (as of an animal); being germinated (as of a plant). (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 6.3 - Animal husbandry.) 2v To breed an animal; to germinate, grow a plant. lahian Maadap tan-a sida it lahi ni Brandy. He wants to breed a strain of dog from Brandy. Aadapon nako kaling klase nak buyak ni Ninay. I will grow the kind of flower Ninay has. Ipaadap namo kaling amo iro kana Nang Cel. We will let our dog breed with the one at Aunty Cel’s. (sem. domains: 6.2 - Agriculture, 6.3 - Animal husbandry.) 3v To imitate, take on the ways of somebody. (sem. domains: - Imitate.)

agwat [ágwat] 1n A space; gap (as of distance or time). agwat Marako ka agwat it inra edad. There’s a big gap in their ages. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time, 8.2.6 - Distance.) 2vbt To lay-out, space things out or apart; to plan things at certain intervals of time (as of space or time e.g. planting in rows or taking breaks at different times). Aagwaton nako it tanom kag buyak it ruhang rangaw. I will space the planting of the flowers by two handspans. Aagwaton nako kag atanuman it buyak. I will lay out the spacing of the flowerbed. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Separate, scatter.) 3vbt To remove, withdraw, distance something from somewhere (especially of moving a piece of burning firewood out of the centre of a fire so the fire will die down). bawasan Iagwat nako kag kimpit it kayado. I will remove some of the fire with the tongs. Pag nagpapakarayab ka imo kayado aagwatan nimo it rabok. When your fire flares up, remove some firewood. (sem. domains: - Put aside.)

alimudong [alimudóng] n Bud; new flowers before the fruit grows. bubot Karamong alimudong nak buyak kag kayabasa. There are many new flowers on the squash vine. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

atubangan likor kilir [atubángan likór kílir] id On all sides; front back and sides; all around; surrounded by (as of an architect describing a building or its surroundings). [lit: front back side] harapán likod gilid Kag inra atubangan likor ag kilir it bayay ay puno it magagandang mga buyak. All sides of their house are full of beautiful flowers. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)

bugno [búgno] (dial. var. binga) 1n Word, response, gesture of greeting. Kag bugno nida sa ako ay kung hariin ako gihalin. Her greeting to me was the question of where I came from. (sem. domains: - Greet.) 2v To greet, respond, give a verbal response to somebody. bati, sagot Maado kag timpla it uyo ngasing nida kada nagpapangbugno. She is in a good mood now so she’s talking to people. syn: malay. (sem. domains: - Greet.) 3v To greet, respond, speak to someone again after a long time of not speaking to each other. Nagbubugno sida sa ako pag buko hangit. She greets me when she’s not angry. Nabugno it maestra kag rayang buyak sa ida it eskwela. The teacher noticed the flowers brought by her pupil for her. (sem. domains: - Greet.) 4v To be made ill by the influence of a dead ancestor, evil spirit who is said to have "greeted" the person (as of coming to get them and therefore making them sick, eventually leading to their death). puna, sabihan Abugnuhon anay nako si Ressie nak nagliliwas kag ida panti. I’ll tell Ressie that her panty is coming out below her dress. (sem. domains: - Demon possession.) comp. bugno it kalag , der. pangbugno

bukyar [búkyar] v 1To unroll something (as of sleeping mats, clothes). latag Nagbukyar sinra’t banig nak makatuyog’ey. They unrolled the sleeping mats because they are going to sleep now. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.) 2To open up (as of flowers). Nagbukyar’ey kag ida pagkagugandang buyak. Her very lovely flower has opened up already. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.)

dapo [dápò] n 1Plant species that cling to trees and absorb moisture from them and the air (as of the general term for orchids, crows nest and other ferns etc.). (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.) 2Plant species; hanging pigeon orchid. dapo Kag mga dapo nak alaga nida ay nagbubuyakey. The hanging orchids which she cares for are all bearing flowers. [Fibres from the stems of this orchid are used as decorative material on baskets and other articles. A plant that grows on trees and sends out a sort of cord, which is yellow and is used for tying and for making straw hats.] Dendrobium crumenatum (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

gunot [gúnot] vbt To pull off or out (as of hair, plants). bunot Agunuton yangey nako tong mga waya nakalihirang buyak agor kaadong muyatan. I’ll pull off the flowers not in line so it’s nice to look at. syn: gabot 1, bugnot, hugnot 1, gabot 2, hugot 1, hugnot 3, guna, abri 1, bukar 1, bukâ 4, bukas 3, hugkot, bira 2, randa, balingling, gudor, kubra 1, udong, hiknit 2, dordor 2. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, - Pull.)

gusto [gústo] 1v To want; to like; to desire. ibig, hangad, hilig Gusto nakong apatubuan kag rayaag it buyak agor maganda. I want to grow flowers in the yard in order to make it beautiful. Nio kag imo gustong inuman? What would you like to drink? syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.) 2vi To have a liking for something, somebody. Nagkakagusto sida sa mga rayagang mahaba it buhok. He has a liking for women that have long hair. (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, 3.3 - Want, - Like, love.) 3vi To like something or somebody; to find something pleasing (eg. to one’s taste). Nagugustohan nako kag tapoy. I like the black rice. Waya nako nagustuhi kag ida batasan. I didn’t like her character. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: - Happy for, - Like, love.) 4vi To allow somebody else to decide what they want; to leave a decision up to somebody else. Apagustuhan ka nako kung niong oras ikaw magtuna it trabaho. I’ll allow you to decide on what time you start to work. 5vt To want; to like. gustó Agustuhon pa nako nak magsakay sa bapor kesa sa eroplano. I’ll like riding in a ship more than in an airplane. Inggusto nida nak maging maestra. She wanted to be a teacher. comp. gustong bisayahon , der. pagusto-gusto

halar [hálar] 1n Offering, sacrifice (as of money, service, killed animals etc. given to God, evil spirits or the dead ancestors). [This word is used for pagan and Christian offerings.] (sem. domains: - Offering, sacrifice.) 2vbt To offer, make offerings to a supernatural being (as of money, service, killed animals etc. offered to God, evil spirits or the dead ancestors). magsakripísyo, alay Naghahalar kag mga anak it buyak sa Mayo kang virhin Maria. The children offer flowers to the virgin Mary in May. Igwa it mga tawo nak naghahalar it pagkaon sa minatay. There are people who offer food to the dead. Ihalar nato sa Ginoo aber maisot it ato nababaton. We should offer something to the Lord even if it’s just a little of what we have received. Dapat nato ihalar kag ato kabuhi sa Ginoo dahil ida gingtubos kag ato kasal-anan. We should offer our lives to God because he has redeemed us. Pag nagbubuhat ay nahalar ra it pagkaon para sa halag. When they celebrate the harvest they offer food to the souls. Ahalaran nako it bukay nak manok kag pakilibit sa ako anak para sida maulian. I will sacrifice a white chicken for the healing ceremony for my child so he will recover. (sem. domains: - Give, donate, - Offering, sacrifice.) 3n Dedicated, consecrated thing (as of an object, person, place set aside for the use or service of a supernatural being e.g. God, evil spirits or dead ancestors). (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) 4vbt To dedicate, consecrate something to the use, service of a supernatural being (as of an object, person, place set aside for God, evil spirits or dead ancestors). alay Nag-alay sinra’t maramong buyak sa inra santo. The offered many flowers to their saint. (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) der. halaran , der. ihalar

hanga₂ [hángà ] vbt To marvel at; to admire; to fall in love. humánga Ahangaan nimo nak gador katong inra palabas isag sa gab-i. You’ll really admire their show tonight. Napapahanga ako sa imo mga buyak. I admire your flowers very much. Inghahangaan nako kag ida kagandahan. I admire her beauty. Naghahanga ako sa ida kahugor magpananom. I admire his industry in planting. (sem. domains: - Like, love, - Look, - Beautiful.) der. taga-hanga

hawan [háwan] vbt To clear brush, undergrowth by burning or by cutting it or pulling up. linis Inghawanan ni Norma kag ida atanuman it mga buyak. Norma cleared the place where she will plant flowers. (sem. domains: 5.6 - Cleaning, 5.6.5 - Sweep, rake.) der. hawanan , der. panghawanan

hilamon [hilamón] vbt To weed; to pull out grass, weeds; to be weeded (as of a place). magbúnot ng damo Naghilamon sinra sa uma. They pulled weeds in their clearing. Inghilamunan nida kag mga buyak. She pulled out the weeds around the flowers. (sem. domains: 6.2.4 - Tend a field, - Uproot plants.) der. hilamunon , der. panghilamunan

ilang-ilang₂ [ilang-ílang] n Yellow flowering plant. Kabangyo kag buyak nak ilang-ilang. The flower with yellow color has a sweet smell. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers.)

init [ínit] 1v To hatch eggs, as in a hen sitting on eggs. (sem. domains: - Egg.) 2vt To heat something up such as water, food. Mainit ako it tubi bag-o mapanghugas. I’ll heat the water before washing dishes. Ing-init nako kag sinanrok sa amo. I heated up the food she shared with us. (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - Tend a fire.) 3adj Hot; warm. Mainit kag panahon ngasing. The weather is hot now. Kag kape nida ay mainit pa. His coffee is still hot. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 4n Heat. init Inaliyuhan ako dahil sa init. I’m dizzy because of the heat. Abuhion it Ginoo kag ato kainit sa pagserbisyo sa ida. The Lord will revive our zeal in serving Him. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 5vbt To shine on (ie; the sun). Ingiinitan it adlaw kag amo buyak. The sun is shining on our flowers. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 6vi To feel hot or warm; to be feverish. Inainitan ako dahil sa ako suksok. What I’m wearing is making me feel hot. Tan-a makainit insulip. I hope it will become warm tomorrow. Nagkainit kag anak it gab-i The child became feverish last night. Nainit kag ida uyo pag magulo kag mga anak. He loses his temper when the children are noisy. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) der. mainiton it uyo

intyendi₁ [intyéndi] vt To see about something; to take care of, attend to a matter, business; to be concerned about or involved in something. TWO ENTRIES intindi Ingwa ako it aintindihon sa Odiongan. I have some business to attend to in Odiongan. Nagyadong kag buyak dahil waya it nag-iintindi sa pagbunyag. The flowers wilted because there was no one to attend to watering them. Waya ako it aintindihon hina. I have no concern in that. Kag amo Pastor ay imaw nak gador it nag-intindi it pagpakotkot sa yuyubngan ni Tatay. Our Pastor was the one who really attended to the digging of Father’s grave. [This included to attend to the burial needs of one’s elders.] (sem. domains: - Listen, - Attention.)

kanugon [kanúgon] 1excl What a waste; that's regretable; “Too bad”; that's disappointing. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.) 2adj Something which isn’t good to lose, waste; “Too bad”; wasteful; disappointing. Regretful. Kanugon kag ida relo nak nawagit. Her lost wristwatch was something not worth losing. syn: sayang 3. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.) 3vt To waste something; to feel sorry for the loss of something.Having some worth, value. sayang Ingkanugunan nida kag ida mga buyak nak nagkasira. She felt sorry for the flowers that were destroyed. (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Waste.)

kaon [ká-on] 1vi To eat. Nakakaoney baga kamo? Have you already eaten? Makaoney kita! Let’s eat! (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 2vt To eat something. kain Akaunon nato kaling kapada insulip pag hinogey. We’ll eat this papaya tomorrow when it’s ripe. (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 3vi To cause somebody to eat, i.e., to feed somebody; to give or serve somebody food. Ingpakaon kag anak ni Nanay bag-o pakatuyogon The child was fed by mother before being put to sleep. (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat.) 4v To make a winning move that allows one to remove the opponent's piece in a game. (sem. domains: - Game.) 5vt To consume by fire; to be burnt up completely; to burn a hole in something; to damage (as of fire or the heat in an iron burning something by consuming, burning). Ingkaon it plantsa kag ida baro. Her blouse was damaged by the iron. Rako’t kaon it koriyente kag aircon. The aircon consumes a lot of electricity. Kag ida buyak ay ingkaon it kayado. His flowers were burnt up by the fire. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.) 6v To consume, use a lot of electricity. Kag plantsa ay pinaka marako it kaon it kuriyente kada dapat ay uling yangey kag gamiton. The iron uses the most electricity so we must just use the charcoal one. (sem. domains: - Use up.) 7v Take, haul in (as of a catch of fish). Ay nakaonan ray kami’t beynte otso bilog ray uli. Then we took in twenty-eight more fish the next time. (sem. domains: - Fish with net.) 8v To eat people’s spirits especially of a witch which causes sickness or death. Gingkaon kono it aswang katong ida anak kada namatay it waya sa oras. They say her child was eaten by a witch and therefore died unexpectedly. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.) comp. ingkaon it bakunawa , der. mansigkaon , id. usang kaunan

kumpara [kumpará] 1v To compare something with something else. Marako kag kaibahan kung ato ikumpara kag mga kabatan-on ngasing ag katong una. There’s a great difference if we compare the youth today with those of the past. Ingkumpara nida katong buyak nak ida nabaoy sa San Agustin ag it katong sa Odiongan. She compared the flowers she got in San Agustin with those she got in Odiongan. Kumparahan anay kag presyo it mga baro bag-o magbakay. Compare the prices of the dresses before you buy. (sem. domains: - Compare.) 2n Comparison. kumpara, hambing (sem. domains: - Compare.)