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baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom [báka makakótkot it damót sa iráyom] (id. of baka, damot, irayom) id Lest, in case somebody might upset, disturb, stir-up the spirits of the underworld whose hands will reach out and grab that person at night. [lit: in-case happen-to-dig-up a hand underneath] (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

damot [damót] 1n Arm (as of the general term for the arms of primates and people). kamay syn: napagor. (sem. domains: - Arm.) 2n Hand (as of the general term for the hand of primates and people). (sem. domains: - Arm.) 3v To get, eat with one's hand (as of reaching out and taking rice from a serving platter and eating any food from a bowl with one's right hand). kamáy Damuta yang kinang imo pagkaon. Just use your hand in eating your food. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Arm.) comp. mabug-at kag damot , id. baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom

inak [ínak] 1adj Selfish, mean, unmerciful. syn: ismot. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) 2vbt To be selfish, withhold, not share something with somebody. madamot Ing-iinakan ako it suya sa amo. At home, they are not sharing the viand with me. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) comp. buko ma-inak , der. mainak

ismot [ismót] adj Stingy; mean; selfish. madamot Si Andy ay maismot gitao it abokado. Andy is stingy in giving avocadoes. syn: inak 1. (sem. domains: - Stingy, - Selfish.)

kidamot [kidámot] n All digits; fingers and toes (as of all digits on hands and feet). daliri Nabali kag kidamot ni Kris sa pag-idamo it basketbol. Kris’s finger was dislocated when he played basketball. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

linya sa damot [línya sa damót] n Palm lines. guhít ng pálad

maatag [maátag] adj Generous. mapagbigay, hindi madamot Aber istrikto kina si Dulce ay maatag ra kina’g hagaran. Eventhough Dulce is strict she is still generous when you ask her for something.

mabug-at kag damot [mabúg-at kag damót] (comp. of bug-at, damot) id Fights quickly; violent; fights at the drop of a hat!; quickly lifts, raises a hand against somebody. mabigat ang kamay Permi yang nak ingtutumpoy ni Jo kinang ida manghor, mabug-at talaga it damot. Jo always spanks his brother, he easily lefts a hand to him. (sem. domains: - Violent.)

mainit kag damot [maínit kag damót] idiom - Convert to subentry Can’t care for plants, animals; don’t have a “green-thumb” (lit: hot hands, fingers). mainit ang kamay Indi gani ako maka -patubo it buyak dahil mainit kag ako damot sa mga tanom. I really can’t grow flowers because I don’t have green thumbs.

maismot [maismót] adj Selfish; heartless; without feeling, mercy; thrifty; stingy. maramot, madamot Kayain ra kaling tawong maismot. It’s bad to be a selfish person. Si Lolong ay buko maismot kung tungkol sa kwarta. Lolong is not thrifty when it comes to money. Syn: mainak 1, hakog 1; syn: sakim, hakog 1, suyok, kagor 2, hangoy.

matilo it damot [matílò it damót] adj “Light fingered”; a theif. makati ang kamay, malikot ang kamay Buko maado kag ingwa’t kaibhanan nak matilo it damot. It’s not good to have a companion who is light fingered.

mayamig kag damot [mayamíg kag damót] idiom - Convert to subentry Cares for plants, animals; has a “green-thumb” (lit:cold hands, fingers). malamig ang kamay Abang ganda kag ida mga orkids dahil mayamig kag ida damot sa mga tanom. Her orchids are very beautiful because she has green thumbs.

napasa ako damot [nápasa ákò damót] idiom - Convert to subentry Fell into my arms (lit: passed to my arms, hands-as of a victory). napasa aking kamay Siling ni David, “Sa wakas napasa ako damot kag ako gustong rayaga.” David said, “At last the girl I loved fell into my arms.”

trapo sa damot [trápo sa damót] n Towel for wiping hands. basahan

napagor [napágor] n Hand. kamay Abang ragko ka ida napagor. His hand is really big. syn: damot 1.

babaw [bábaw] 1n Shallowness; shallow depth. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow, 1.3 - Water.) 2adj Shallow. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow, 1.3 - Water.) 3v To put down, place, lower something onto the top of something else. (sem. domains: - Lower something.) 4v To lay hands on someone in blessing or for healing (as of placing one's hands on their head while praying). patong Ingbabaw yang it Ginoo sa masakit kag ida damot ag sida’y naulian. God just put his hand down on the sick person and he got healed. (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) der. ibabaw , der. mababaw , der. paibabaw

baklir [baklír] (irreg. infl. panalikuran) v To cross one's hands behind one’s back (as of a normal position when walking). sa likod ang kamay Si Sandy ay nakabaklir kag damot habang sida ay naglilibot sa banwa. Sandy crossed his hands behind his back while he walked around town. syn: panalikuran. (sem. domains: 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body.)

buy-og [búy-og] v 1To slip on something; to have something slip from somewhere. dulas Nabuy-og sa ragkong bato si Tang Igo. The old man, Igo slipped on the big rocks. Waya ninra namalayi nak nabuy-og kag kuwarta sa ida damot. She didn’t notice the money slip from her hands. syn: dalin-as, hanlas 1. (sem. domains: - Slip, slide.) 2To make a mistake, do something wrong. (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Bad.) der. kabuy-ugan

dilamita [dilamíta] n 1Dynamite (as of the explosive substance used in bombs or as an illegal method of killing fish to eat etc). (sem. domains: - Explode, - Weapon, shoot.) 2A detonator (as for a small device used for causing an explosion). dinamita Natamaan it dilamita kag ida damot kada a nautoy. His hands were hit by a detonator so it was cut short. (sem. domains: - Explode, - Weapon, shoot.)

gapos [gápos] vt To bind; to tie up. gapúsin Gapusa kag ida damot agor indi makasuntok. Tie his hands so he can’t box you. Gapuson nato kag ato raya it pisi. We’ll bind our baggages with a rope. syn: bugkos 2. (sem. domains: - Rope, string.)

habyog [habyóg] v To sway. indayog Inggwa it diperensya kag ida damot pero kaayo ra maghabyog sa baylihan. Her arms have a slight defect but she’s good at swaying while dancing. (sem. domains: - Relaxed, 4.2.4 - Dance, 3.3.3 - Influence, 7.1.9 - Move a part of the body, - Happy, - Confident, 7.5.5 - Organize, - Control.)

halintang [halíntang] (dial. var. andana) 1n A foothold in a tree for climbing (as of a coconut palm); a stair, tread on a stairway. Nahuyog tong ida anak sa ikapitong halintang kada nabali kag damot. Her child fell off the seventh step that’s why her arm was broken. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Floor, story.) 2vbt To cut a foothold in a tree for climbing (as of a coconut palm); to make, put a stair or tread on a stairway. baytang Inghalintangan nida kag nidog agor malupos gisakaan. He put a stair on the coconut tree to make it easier for him to climb it. syn: sanrig 1, hilay-hilay 2. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Floor, story.)

hana [hanâ] 1adj Positioned and ready to compete, fight, use. umang (sem. domains: - Sports, 6.7 - Tool, - Weapon, shoot.) 2vt To get positioned and ready to compete, fight; to hold a weapon, implement poised and ready for use. Tong inra ahanaon kag inra damot para magsuntukan, ingsaway sinra it pulis. When they positioned their hand and they were ready to box at each other, the police stopped them. Inghanaan yang nida nak alapuhon kag anak, pero kali ay nagtibawey. He was just in a position towards the child to whip him, but he already cried. (sem. domains: - Sports, 6.7 - Tool, - Weapon, shoot.)

hapyas [hápyas] 1vt To brush against; to stroke; pet something (bird, animal, person). haplos Nabulingan ka ako baro paghapyas it ida yunangon nak damot. My dress got dirty when she brushed it with her muddy hands. syn: hipo-hipo, himas. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, - Touch.) 2vt To perform this kind of ritual. haplos, pahid Inghapyas sida ni Tang Guyong. Tang Guyong performed this kind of ritual to her. Ahapyason ni Nang Inday it buhok kag ida pilinas. Nang Inday will rub her hair against her infected wound. [This ritual is done by stroking the person’s body with the leaves of a plant or human hair and mumbling things under one’s breath.] (sem. domains: - Physical, non-physical.) 3n A kind of ritual for healing a sickness that was inflicted by the evil spirit using leaves; to wash, rub with something to give a cure. (sem. domains: - Vision, hallucination, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.)

hikoy [híkoy] vi 1To wriggle; to wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). galaw Naghihikoy kag mga uyor sa raga. The worms are wriggling in the earth. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.) 2To make something wriggle, wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). Apahikuyan ka nako it uyor sa damot kung imo ako agit-agiton. I will let the worm wriggle on your hand if you tease me. Ingpapahikoy-hikoy it uning kag ida ikog habang nag-iidamo it ida mga anak. The cat wags her tail while playing with her kittens. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.)