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didi [dídi] v To mold, shape clay on a wheel with one's hands. syn: padudo. (sem. domains: - Working with clay.)

didikar [didikár] adj To dedicate, commit oneself to something good. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Dedicate to religious use.)

diding [díding/didíng] (irreg. infl. ding) n 1An affectionate nickname for a young woman (as of for one whose name is unknown). (sem. domains: - Nickname.) 2Nickname for a woman of any age (as of one that almost replaces her name). (sem. domains: - Nickname.)

ingdidios [ingdidiós] (der. of dios) 1n Things treated as god (as of heros, idols etc.). (sem. domains: 4.9.1 - God.) 2v To be made, treated as god (as of heros, idols etc.). (sem. domains: 4.9.1 - God.)

padudo [padúdò] (der. of dudo) vi To breast feed, nurse a baby (as of letting, making a baby suck on the breast). dudo Nagpapadudo sida it anak aber sa dyip. She breast feeds her baby even when she’s riding on the jeep. [In some English dialects "nursing a baby" merely means holding it in one's arms, not breast feeding.] syn: didi. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)

dikit [dikít] v To always be close, touching, be around, in the company of somebody (as of sweethearts, people wanting favors from a mayor etc.). Nagdidikit sida permi kang Mayor agur matataw-an kono it trabaho. He’s always sticking close to the Mayor so that he’ll be given a job. [From the Tagalog "stick", as of being glued to something.] (sem. domains: - Participate.) der. pangdikit

maraya sa lagay [marayá sa lagáy] idiom - Convert to subentry Influenced by bribes. madala sa lagay Pagdidikado ka sa imo trabaho sa gobyerno ay indi ka maraya sa lagay. If you’re dedicated in serving the government you won’t be influenced by bribes.

supang [súpang] vi To develope breasts, cysts. supang Ingsusupanganey kaling ako anak. My child’s breasts are already developing. Nagpapanupang kag anak kada naghahapros kag ida didi. She is developing therefore her breasts are sore.

yagtok₁ [yágtok] 1n The sound of cracking knuckles or joints. Abang kusog kag yagtok it ida mga tudlo. The sound of her cracking knuckles is very loud. 2vi To crack, creak as of knuckles or joints. It yang nagyayagtok kag ida mga yuta-yuta pag napas-an it mabug-at. His joints creak when he lifts up heavy things. Bada-ey gipayagtuka kag imo tudlo ako’y nadidisturbo. Stop cracking your knuckles it’s disturbing me.

yano-yano [yano-yáno] adv Tuneful speech; interesting sounding voice. magandang magsalita Payano-yano baga kina sida pagnagdidiskurso. He always delivers an interesting speech.