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displey [displéy] 1n Display of something (as of goods for sale). (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see.) 2v To display. (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see.) der. displeyan

displeyan [displéyan] (der. of displey) n Display case, cabinet (as of a glass-sided cabinet to display items in a shop or home). aparador Bag-o kag inra displeyan nak nag-abot it kuman para sa inra tinrahan The glass-sided cabinet which arrived earlier at their shop is new. (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see.)

plaka nak tinapay [pláka nak tinápay] n Large cake with red, purple filling. plaka na tinapay Abang ganda’g muyatan kaling plaka nak tinapay sa displeyan ninra. These filled cakes look really good in their display counter.