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bulig dum-ok [búlig dúm-ok] (comp. of bulig, dum-ok) id 1Help given with ulterior, self-serving motives (as of someone helping in order to receive gain). hindi taos na pagtulong Bulig dum-ok kag inghuman nida sa ida amo dahil ingkumpyansahan sida pero ingtakawan pa nida. What she did to her boss was to help with ulterior motives because she was trusted but still stole things. (sem. domains: - Cheat.) 2Help in oppressing, putting somebody down (as of joining with others against somebody). (sem. domains: - Hinder, - Unfriendly.)

dum-ok [dúm-ok] v 1To dump, throw clothes down hard in a disorderly pile. (sem. domains: - Throw, 5.3 - Clothing.) 2To belittle, bring down, level somebody by criticism (as of like the English "bring someone down a peg or two"). (Calatrava). Abi nida ay abuligan sida it ida amigo ugai yaki ay ingdum-ok pa sida. He thought his friend would help him but it turned out that he was the very one who spoke against him. (sem. domains: - Criticize.) comp. bulig dum-ok