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bisita [bisíta] 1n Guest; visitor. bisíta [From the English "visitor".] (sem. domains: - Visit.) 2v To visit somebody (as of those in a bad situation e.g. hospital, bereavement, jail). dumálaw Abisitahon namo si Awi sa Sabado. We will visit Awi on Saturday. Sinra ay nagbisita sa inra lola nak naospital. They visited their grandfather who had been put in the hospital. [From the English "visit" but the meaning is slightly changed.] (sem. domains: - Visit.)

duma [dúma] n Plant species; Root crops (as of the general term for all root crops). bungang kahoy Pag waya it bugas, kag inakaon it mga tawo ay duma. When there’s no rice, people eat root crops. [These foods are used as a rice substitute and are staple food.] syn: tangkon. (sem. domains: - Growing roots.)

dumali [dumálì] n Plant species; a variety of rice. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

dumar [dumár] n Young head louse or lice (as of on people). kuyumád (sem. domains: - Insect.)

liskar [lískar] v To have food swell unevenly in one’s stomach, cooking pot (like beaten rice). dumami Rabuki it maado kinang kinaydo agor indi yang ray magliskar. Put the wood on the fire evenly so that it won’t just swell unevenly as it cooks.

rumayaga [rumayága] (der. of rayaga) n 1Young female animal (as of the general term for one that has not yet produced young). 2A pullet (as of a young hen that lays eggs); young female animals. dumalaga 3Heifer (young cow); filly (young horse); young female pig, goat, water buffalo etc.. 4

talin₂ [talín] n A pullet (as of a half grown chicken hen or rooster). dumalaga

tangkon [tángkon] n Root crops. bungang kahoy Umutwang kag mayabong nak mga tanom - mga kinayo, ubi, apali, kinusoy ag iba pang tangkon pati mga utanon. Milky root crops would come up - cassava, yams, large and small taro and other kinds of root crops as well as greens to use as vegetables. syn: duma .

silot [sílot] 1n Sorrow, grief; trouble. salot Imaw yang kinang anak kag nagraya it silot sa inra pamilya. That is the only child who brought a curse to their family. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble, - Problem.) 2v To curse; to hinder, hamper; to cause trouble; to be a setback. Indi ako’g raya it mga duma kung apasilutan yang ra ako’t pagpas-an. I won’t bring any root crops with me if I’ll just be hampered by carrying them on my shoulder. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble, - Problem.)

tagaylo [tagáylo] vt To exchange; to barter. palit Matukar ako insulip dahil itagaylo nako kaling mga isra it balinghoy ag iba pang duma. I go to the farm tomorrow because I will exchange these fish for cassava and other rootcrops. syn: baydo.

tamika [tamíkà] adj Abundant. marami Tamika kag inra duma. They have abundant rootcrops. syn: duro 1, ramo 1.