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dumog [dúmog] v To struggle physically (as of when women fight). buno Si Lito ag Lita ay nagdumog para sa usang balde it bugas. Lito and Lita struggled over a can of rice. (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight.)

raguso₁ [ragúsò] v To shove, push hard against someone; squeeze through a crowd; to lunge at somebody to attack them and then hold onto them tightly. dumog It giragusoa ni Miloy tong tumpok it tawo para makaagaw yang it karneng baligya. Miloy squeezed through a crowd so as to avail of the meat sold. Aragusuon tan-a ni Berto tong ida kaaway ugaling ay nasaway sida ni Kardo. Berto was about to lunge at his enemy but Kardo fasified him. syn: sagil-ot. (sem. domains: - Push.)