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edad [edád] n Age of a person. PC (sem. domains: - Age.)

nobedad [nobedád] n A disaster that befalls somebody (as of a fire, sickness). karma Naubos kag inra kabuhayan dahil narayanan sinra it nobedad tong masunog kina tanan. Their belongings were all consumed when the disaster befell them the time when everything was burnt.

propiyedad [propiyedád] irreg. infl. of propriyedad

propriyedad [propriyedád] (irreg. infl. propiyedad) n Property; possessions; belongings. pag-aari, ari-arian Tanan nak mga propriyedad nina Mila ay naubos it sunog. All the possessions acquired by Mila all went in the fire. syn: pag-aari, ariarian. (sem. domains: - Possession, property.)

ariarian [ari-arí-an] (der. of ari) n Belongings; possessions. arí-arian syn: pag-aari, propriyedad. (sem. domains: - Possession, property.)

pag-aari [pag-aárì] n Property. pag-aárì syn: ariarian, propriyedad.

agwat [ágwat] 1n A space; gap (as of distance or time). agwat Marako ka agwat it inra edad. There’s a big gap in their ages. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time, 8.2.6 - Distance.) 2vbt To lay-out, space things out or apart; to plan things at certain intervals of time (as of space or time e.g. planting in rows or taking breaks at different times). Aagwaton nako it tanom kag buyak it ruhang rangaw. I will space the planting of the flowers by two handspans. Aagwaton nako kag atanuman it buyak. I will lay out the spacing of the flowerbed. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time, - Separate, scatter.) 3vbt To remove, withdraw, distance something from somewhere (especially of moving a piece of burning firewood out of the centre of a fire so the fire will die down). bawasan Iagwat nako kag kimpit it kayado. I will remove some of the fire with the tongs. Pag nagpapakarayab ka imo kayado aagwatan nimo it rabok. When your fire flares up, remove some firewood. (sem. domains: - Put aside.)

kabis-oy gimuyatan [kabís-oy gimuyatan] adj Unacceptable behavior. hindi kanaisnais na ugali Kag salang pamatasan nimo ay kabis-oy gimuyatan it sociedad. Your bad ways are unacceptable by society. (sem. domains: - Below standard, 4.3 - Behavior.)

pangluto nak baro [panglúto nak bárò] n Black mourning clothes. damit panluksa Gingpahuyam ni Auntie Geling kag ida pangluto nak baro kang Edad tong namatay kag ida asawa. Auntie Geling lent her black mourning clothes to Edad when her husband died.