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estante [estánte] n Built-in shelves. eskaparate Maado kag pagkakamada it mga paninra sa estante. The store items are well-aranged on the shelves. (sem. domains: - Cabinet.)

hakar [hákar] vt To remove the contents of something (cupboard, suitcase, box, etc.); take out the contents of something. halungkat Inghakar it anak kag mga libro sa estante ag ingkadat sa sala. The child removed the books from the box and scattered them around the living room. Kag inghakar nida kag ida mga gamit sa maleta, naayaman nidang waya kag ida kwarta. When she removed the things from her suitcase, she found out that her money wasn’t in it. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, - Guess, - Check.)

rapat [rapát] 11.1adj Fits exactly together (as of the parts of a piece of furniture). Abang rapat nak gador kag sugrong it mga siki it bangko. The legs of the chair fits exactly together. 22.1adj At ease with somebody; relaxed with somebody. lapat Karapat kag ako buot kay Toto kisa kay Gadi. I feel at ease with Toto than with Gadi. 33.1vbt To put something flat against another surface; to put something somewhere; to place one’s hand somewhere. lapat Ingrapat it manoghuman kag estante sa ringring. The one who made the shelves put them up against the wall. Rapatan kag imo siki sa sayog - aya gikatin. Put your feet flat on the floor, don’t stand on the ball of your feet. 44.1vbt To apply, use something. lapat Ingparapatan sida it buyong sa bituka. She had medicine applied to her stomach. Nio kag ingrapat nak buyong it doktor? What medicine did the doctor apply?