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abay-an it ngayan [abáy-an it ngáyan] (comp. of baoy, ngayan) id To discredit, dishonor one's name or character; to lose one's good name or reputation. [lit: remove name] nawalan ng pangalan Nabay-an sida it ngayan tong nagpangayaki kag ida asawa. He felt dishonored when his wife committed adultery. (sem. domains: - Despise someone, - Criticize.)

amo dungganon nak Ginoo [ámò dunggánon nak Ginóo] (comp. of dungganon, ginoo) exp Our majestic, distinguished, noble, excellent, honorable Lord; your highness, majesty, excellency (as of a title for a king or God). [term of address] aming Kagalanggalang na Hari Kag amo dungganon nak Hari ay makusog ag mabuot ra. Our Majestic King is strong and kind too. (sem. domains: 4.6.1 - Ruler, 4.9.1 - God, - Title, name of honor.)

angal [ángal] vi To complain; to answer back, retaliate by words or actions. angal, reklamo Maramo kag nag-angal nak mga estudyante tong waya sindra gipabay-a it eksamen. Many students complained when they were not allowed to take the exam. Syn: sabat 1; syn: nguyob 1. (sem. domains: - Complain.)

balor it kayaki [balór it kayáki] (comp. of balor) id 1The value of a man (as of his having a faithful wife and good family). [lit: value of man] karangalan ng lalaki Balor it kayaki kung kag ida pamilya ay naging ado. Its the value of a man if his family turns out well. (sem. domains: - Man, - Family, clan, - Rear a child, 2.6.1 - Marriage.) 2Being head of his household or family; fatherhood. (sem. domains: - Man, - Family, clan, - Rear a child, 2.6.1 - Marriage.)

bangalan [bangálan] n Fruit species which is a banana that is long and firm. It is the kind usually preferred for export. tundan (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

bungkoy [búngkoy] v 1To plant upland rice with a long stick which is used to make holes in the ground. butas Abungkuyon anay nako kag raya bag-o magpugas it mais. I’ll make holes in the ground before planting the corn. syn: pugás. (sem. domains: 6.2.3 - Plant a field.) 2To impregnate a woman. gagalawin Abungkuyon anay kuno ni Ger kag ida nobya bag-o pakasayan. Ger says he will impregnate his fiancee before they get married. [This usage of the word carries a bad connotation or is employed in a joking way.] (sem. domains: 2.6.2 - Sexual relations.) der. pangbungkoy

gala [gálà] 1n The wandering route, destination. syn: wardi-wardi, yad-aw, yagadaw 3. (sem. domains: - Way, route.) 2adj Constantly wandering about. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.) 3vbt To wander around; to run, graze freely. Buong banwa kag ida inggagala-an permi. She always wanders around the whole town. syn: yagadaw 1. (sem. domains: - Way, route.)

gala-gala [gála-gala] n A sealant used for boats which is based on lime that is compounded with coconut oil. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea.)

galang [gálang] v To respect; to honour somebody (as of feelings, behaviour). Kag ako Tatay ay ginggagalang sa amo pamayay. My father is respected in our household. (sem. domains: - Pleased with.) der. kagalang-galang

galante [galánte] adj Big spenders (as if “the sky is the limit”). Kag mga kandidato ay galante pag mayungotey kag eleksyon. The political candidates are big spenders when election is near. (sem. domains: - Spend.)

halandon [halándon] (irreg. infl. halanron) adj Honorable; respectable distinguished, important; your majesty (person or family visitor). kagalang galang Kag amo bisita ay halanron kada amo nak gador ging-istimar it maado. Our guests are distinguished people so we really esteem them highly. Halandong tawo kina si Pedro. Pedro is a respectable person. [Used in addressing a king.] syn: kagalang-galang. (sem. domains: - Government official, 4.6.1 - Ruler, - Foreigner, - Politics.) comp. amo halandong hari

halandong hari [halándong Hári] exp Your majesty, royal highness the King. kagalanggalang na hari Kag inra halandong Hari ay nagbisita sa ibang lugar. Their royal highness the King visited other countries. (sem. domains: 4.5.5 - Honor, 4.6.1 - Ruler, - King's family.)

hangar [hangár] 1vbt To look up to, admire, hold in esteem, respect. tingala Naghangar sida kada ida nakita kag pugar it pispis. She looked up so she saw the bird’s nest. (sem. domains: 4.3.2 - Admire someone, - Popular, - Like, love.) 2vt To aspire to; desire to be, do. hangad Naghahangar sida nak mapasahan kag eksamen. She’s aspiring to pass the examination. Ahangaron nako kag pagraog sa butuhan. A am aspiring to victory in the election. syn: hanrom 1, timyas. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want, - Win.)

hikoy [híkoy] vi 1To wriggle; to wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). galaw Naghihikoy kag mga uyor sa raga. The worms are wriggling in the earth. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.) 2To make something wriggle, wag (as of a worm, animal’s tail). Apahikuyan ka nako it uyor sa damot kung imo ako agit-agiton. I will let the worm wriggle on your hand if you tease me. Ingpapahikoy-hikoy it uning kag ida ikog habang nag-iidamo it ida mga anak. The cat wags her tail while playing with her kittens. (sem. domains: - Move back and forth, 7.2 - Move.)

hiwas [híwas] 1n Motion. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior, 7.2 - Move.) 2vi To move around. To act, behave in some way; to go into, take action. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior, 7.2 - Move.) 3vt To move something around (as of a fishing net). galaw Ahiwason nako kag ako damot nak kapilay. I’ll move tired arms around. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) comp. abang hiwas , comp. hiwas it hadop , der. paghiwas

ikaruha₂ [ikarúha] adj Second. pangálawa PC (sem. domains: - Ordinal numbers.)

kagalang-galang [kagalang-gálang ] (der. of galang) adj Honourable (as in term of address galang Kung gimuyatan sida ay pay kagalang-galang nak tawo. If you look at him it seems like he’s an honourable person. syn: halandon. (sem. domains: 4.5.5 - Honor, 9.3 - Very.)

kasabat [kasábat] adv Answer back; insolent. walang galang Si Tomas ay kasabat sa ida nanay. Tomas always answers his mother back. (sem. domains: - Impolite.)

kaway₁ [kawáy] n Tentacle, as of octopus. galamay Abang haba kag kawáy it kugita. The tentacles of an octopus are really long. (sem. domains: - Parts of a fish.)

kumersyo [kumérsyo] n Commerce. pangangalákal (sem. domains: 6.9.4 - Commerce.)

kumpas₂ [kúmpas] vbt To gesture, motion with one's hands; to mime, sign, use hands in a dance of sign language. galaw, kumpas Pirme sida nagkukumpas it damot pag nagbibisaya. She always motions with her hands when she’s talking. (sem. domains: - Gesture.)

layas₂ [layás] adj Wild animal or plant; an outdoor person; a person keeps moving from place to place. lagalag

libot-libot₂ [libot-libót] v To wander, live like a vagabond, go around somewhere. gála Nio kag imo nababaoy sa paglibot-libot. What can you get in being a vagabond.

lubos-lubos nak pagtahor [lubos-lúbos nak pagtáhor] n Perfect courtesy; respect. lubos lubos ang paggalang Siling it amo maestra ay itao nato sa ato maguyang kag lubos-lubos nak pagtahor. Our teacher says that we should give our parents the perfect courtesy.

maraya it pangayan [marayá it pangáyan] idiom - Convert to subentry To carry on one’s family name. magdadala nga pangalan Kag inra anak nak kayaki kag maraya it pangayan it inra pamilya. Their son will carry on their family name