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adik [ádik] n A drug addict (as of being addicted to marijuana or heroin). sugapá Kag tawong adik sa buyong ay pay waya sa tamang isip. A person who is a drug addict seems to be out of his mind. (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick.)

gapa [gapâ] vi To flourish as of a plant's growth. gumapa Naggapa kag tanom nidang sitaw dahil naabunuhan. His bean plants spread out because they were fertilized. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

gapas₁ [gápas] v To cut, scythe, harvest by cutting off grain crops at ground level. (sem. domains: 6.2.6 - Process harvest.)

gapas₂ [gápas] n 1Plant species; wild cotton which produces soft cotton fibres in a pod, and whose leaves etc. have medicinal uses. bulak-kastila [The leaves of this plant are used medicinally. The Arabs use the juice for colic and act as a lactagogue. In India the leaves are used for dysentery, and in Cambodia for fevers. The roots are diuretic and are more active than the leaves. It is said to be an excellent emmenagogue, and can take the place of ergot in childbirth, which it accelerates. It is also an abortifacient. The leaves are made into cloth.] Gossypium Brasiliense (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.) 2Cotton; cotton wool, dressing (as of the soft material used to apply medicines, clean and pad wounds, and to clean one's skin of makeup etc.). (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease, - Plant product, 5.6 - Cleaning.)

hagay [hagáy] 1adj Being entertained, fascinated, absorbed, infatuated, totally taken up with something (as of a lover or gambling etc.). 2v To be entertained, fascinated, absorbed, infatuated, totally taken up with something (as of a lover or gambling etc.). sugapa Sida ay gingtakwil it ida asawa ag mga anak dahil sida ay nahagayey it sugay ag inom. He was ostracised by his wife and children because he was totally taken up with gambling and drinking. Syn: libang 1. (sem. domains: - Attention, 9.3.2 - Completely.)

hipa [hípà] 1n Crawling; moving quietly; creeping. Nagtutunaey it hipa sa bayay tong lapsag ni Nang Ason. The baby of Nang Ason is starting to move around the house. (sem. domains: - Baby, - Crawl, - Grow, get bigger.) 2vi To creep around; to walk quietly. gapang Apahipaon yang nako si Junior agor makaidamo kita. I will just let Junior creep around so we can play. (sem. domains: - Walk, - Crawl.)

kamang₁ [kámang] vi To crawl; to creep. TWO ENTRIES gapang Nagkamang sa ako damot kag uyor. The worm crawled on my hand. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Baby, - Crawl.) der. kamangan

kamang₂ [kámang] v To rape a girl inside a house where one assumes protection. gapang Ing-akusar si Eloy it inra kabulig dahil ida ingkamang kali. Eloy was accused by their maid because he raped her while she was in their house. (sem. domains: - Crawl, - Sexual immorality.)

kamangan [kamangán] (der. of kamang) 1n Trellis; climbing place for plants. gapang (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 2vbt To spread a fire (which is burning). kalat Inagahitan namo sa tunga it mga tanom adong pagnagkasunog ay indi magkamang kag kayado. We cut a firebreak between the crops so that when there is a fire it will not spread. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, 5.5 - Fire.) 3vt To feel somebody’s body with the hand, usually with malicious or lustful intention. gapang Siling it tong tawo ay ida kono akamangon tong kabade isag sa gab-i. The man said that he’ll feel the woman’s body with his hand tonight. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, 2.3.5 - Sense of touch, - Crawl.)

lagapak [lagapák] v To hit the ground with a thud; splash (as of water dropping, a person falling). Pagkagulo it lagapak kag tubi sa gripo kada ako’y nakabati. The sound of the water dripping in the faucet is very noisy so I was awakened. (sem. domains: 7.7 - Physical impact, - Drip.)

pasulit₁ [pasúlit] vt To be careful with details; to be in charge of caring for animals, house, grounds, work; to take charge of something. taga-alaga, tagabantay, tagapamahala Ida gingpasulit kag amo mga pangangailangan sa bayay. She was careful with the details of what we needed in the house. Mapauliey ako ag mapasulit it mga hadop bag-o magruyom. I’ll go home and take care of the animals before it gets dark. Sio kag nagpapasulit it inro trabaho dili sa inro opisina? Who is the one in charge of your work here in your office? der. manogpasulit

sugapa sa inom [sugápa sa inóm] adj Used to a lot of alcohol; addicted to alcohol. Ingbuyagan nida tong ida asawa dahil sugapa sa inom ag permi sinrang away. She separated from her husband because he is used to a lot of alcohol and they always quarrel.

suhot-suhot [suhot-súhot] vt To crawl, creep through small spaces (as through holes, ways). gapang Ingpasuhot-suhot kag mga sundalo sa mga kakahuyan para indi mamalayan it inra mga kaaway. The soldiers were made to crawl through the jungle so as not to be noticed by their enemies.

tagapagmana [tagapagmána] n Heir. Kitang tanang tawo kag tagapagmana it kasal-anan nina Adan ag Eba. All of us are heirs of the sin of Adam and Eve.

tagapamagitan [tagapamagítan] n Mediator (of an argument, a marriage). Si Sanching kag nagtinrog nak tagapamagitan roto sa nag-aaway nak mga yango. Sanching acted as the mediator between the drunk men who quarreled. syn: areglo 1, yari.

tulay [tuláy] n 1Bridge. tuláy (sem. domains: - River.) 2A go-between. tagapamagitan tuláy (sem. domains: - Diplomacy.) der. patulay

leryo [léryo] n Red ball shaped flowers 6 inches across which bloom after rain (like agapanthus). leryo Karamong buyak kag leryo tong sida ay kasayon. The red ball shaped flower bloomed during her wedding. (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)

areglo [aréglo] vt 1To mediate, negotiate a solution to a problem between people (as of a feud, business or legal problem. It may be resolved by payment of expenses, losses incurred by the agrieved party). Ging-ariglo it abugado tong ida kaso agor maliwas sida sa asunto. The lawyer settled her case for her so she would be freed of the case. Kung kamo ay indi magkaaregluhan dili sa ako ay isampa kaling inro kaso sa station Commander. If you don’t settle this matter here before me I will take your case up before the Station Commander. syn: tagapamagitan, yari. (sem. domains: 4.7.9 - Justice, 4.7.6 - Judge, render a verdict.) 2To settle a debt, legal case out of court (as by payment of expenses, losses incurred by the agrieved party). (sem. domains: - Repay debt.) comp. aregloy , der. kaareglo , der. manog-ariglo

yari [yárì] v To settle a matter, problem. Pagkatapos it pirma ay nagkayari sinra. After signing the matter was settled between them. syn: areglo 1, tagapamagitan.

agap [agáp] 1adv Earlier, early. (sem. domains: - Before.) 2vt To do something earlier than planned or expected. agap, maaga Nag-agap sinra’t pauli. They got home earlier than expected. Aagapan nato kag pag-ihaw it baktin. Let’s do the butchering of the pig earlier than that. (sem. domains: - Before.)

bandang huli [bándang hulí] (comp. of banda, huli) time Finally; in, near the end times; in the end. [lit: vicinity late] bandang huli Karugay ninra it dibati nahanungor sa eleksyon nak sa bandang huli ay nagkausa ra sinra it “opinyon”. They debated for a long time about the election but in the end they were united in their opinion. Kinang tawong kina ay sugapaey sa inom pero sa bandang huli ay abatyagon nida kinang ida ininom. That person drinks a lot now but in the end he will feel its consequence. (sem. domains: - Last.)

pasak [pásak] v To fill-up, pad, stuff a hole, space with something ( as of putting cloth in a leak). Ingpasakan it gapas kag ida nagrayom nak galis. His deep wound was filled with gauze.

tiwaya [tiwayâ] v Honest with money, to trust. pinagkakatiwalaan Si Sola kag ida tagapamakay dahil natitiwayaan nida. Sola is her marketer because she knows she is honest with money.