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bagunbon [bagúnbon] 1n Sand bank. búhanginán Karamong anak nak nag-iidamo sa bagunbon. Many children are playing on the sand bank. (sem. domains: - Island, shore.) 2v To form a sandbank. (sem. domains: - Island, shore.)

ginan [gínan] v To set out, leave on a journey. naggayak Kag pamilya ni Angel ay nagginan papagto sa syudad. The family of Angel set out for the city. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, - Away from, - Walk, - Mention, 3.3.4 - Ask permission, - Say farewell.)

hiwat [híwat] vbt 1To hold, convene, put on an event (such as a meeting, party, etc). ginanap Inghiwat kag kasay ninra sa bag-ong simbahan. Their wedding was held at the new church. Waya sinra’t ibang inghihiwat kada adlaw kundi ay magpayawor. They have nothing else to do every day but to got out deep sea fishing. Kag M/V Fortuna ay perming inghihiwatan it sesyon it Sangguniang Bayan. The M/V Fortuna is where the Sanggunian Bayan always holds their sessions. syn: himo, human, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: 6.9.1 - Management, - Succeed, 6.9.2 - Work for someone, 9.1.2 - Do.) 2To do, perform a certain activity, task (as of weaving etc). 3To begin work, prepare, make a move on doing something.

na hanginan [na hánginan] v Get a chill, dizzy when going out, travelling after bathing. syn: hampak it hangin. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)

nahanginan kag uyo [nahanginan kag úyo] (comp. of hangin, uyo) adj To become mentally unbalanced, crazy. [This is commonly said to happen when a woman has newly recovered from giving birth and she goes in a vehicle where she's blown by the wind. It's also said of anyone who goes too long without food, or of women who ride in a windy vehicle or go to bed with a wet head i.e. after bathing and washing their hair, while they have their menstruation. ] (sem. domains: 2.5.8 - Mental illness.)

pahanginan [pahangínan] v To blow air into something. (sem. domains: - Blow air.)

purya hangin₁ [púrya hángin] excl Touch wood! God forbid! (lit:‘except for wind’). huwag sanang mahanginan Purya hangin baga kag inro anak nak nataba. Touch wood won’t you but your child has got fat.

hampak it hangin [hámpak it hángin] (dial. var. tamang hangin) v Get a chill, dizzy when going out, travelling after bathing. Tong ako pagpanuka ay dahil sa hampak it hangin. The act of my vomiting was due to the sudden gust of wind. syn: na hanginan. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)

hangin [hángin] (irreg. infl. kahangin) 1n Air; atmosphere. (sem. domains: 1.1.2 - Air.) 2n Wind. (sem. domains: - Wind.) 3v To blow (as of the wind, air). hangín (sem. domains: - Blow air, - Wind.) 4vi To be blown on by the wind; to get a chill from the wind (as of the air, wind blowing on somebody and causing them to get sick). Ingtabawan ka ida bituka dahil nahanginan tong nagkatuyog sida sa sayog nak waya’t banig. He got wind in his abdomen because of the chill he got when he slept on the floor without a sleeping mat. Nahanginan kag anak pag sakay sa dyip. The child got air in his body when he rode in the jeep. Dapat nak mahanginan kag pagkaon agor indi magpan-os. It’s necessary to allow air to get into the food so it won’t spoil. [Air and wind are seen to cause many problematic physical conditions, pain and sicknesses e.g. it enters one's body, veins, abdomen, digestive system, eyes. It seems to cause what is called "getting a chill" when the wind blows on one, especially babies, during a trip in an open vehicle, causing colds, fevers, pain etc.. "Wind, gas, air" are also said to collect in one's stomach causing pain and flatulence. Massage is a common treatment to remove the "wind, air" from one's ugát "blood vessels, nerves, sinews etc.".] (sem. domains: 2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze.) comp. nahampak it hangin , comp. nahanginan kag uyo , comp. pabor ka hangin , comp. pay inggwat hangin , comp. tipras hangin , der. hangin-hanginon , der. mahangin , id. puro hangin , id. tamang hangin

lingin [língin] 1adj Light-headed. Nagtrabaho gihapon sida abir malingin kag ida uyo. She still worked even though she is light headed. 2vi To feel light-headed. Nalipasan ako it gutom kada inalinginan ako. I skipped my meal therefore I feel light-headed.

pukan [púkan] vt To cut, chop down trees; fell timber. putol Pagkapukan it mga kahoy nak kainginan ay naruyok kag mga tawo. When the people had chopped down the trees for slash and burn farming, they cleared the site. (sem. domains: - Lumbering.)

ruyok [ruyók] vi To clear land (of trees etc. for slash and burn farming). naglinis ng taniman Pagkapukan it mga kahoy nak kainginan ay naruyok kag mga tawo. When the people had chopped down the trees for slash and burn farming, they cleared the site. Aruykon ninra katong kugon sa baguntor. They will clear the kogon grass from the hill. (sem. domains: - Clear a field.)