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giya [gíya] 1vt To guide; to lead somebody. Inggigiyahan kita it Santong Espiritu sa ato pagpangabuhi bilang Kristiyano. We’re guided by the Holy Spirit in our Christian living. syn: toytoy 3, bantay 8, tanor, kabulig 2. (sem. domains: - Advise, - Give permission, - Accept, - Control.) 2vbt To lead or guide somebody/something somewhere. nangunguna Agiyahon nako ka karabaw roto sa maadong agsaman. I will guide the carabao over there to the good grazing place.

ngiyaw [ngiyáw] vi To meow (cat); to neigh (horse). halínghing, ngiyaw Nagngingiyaw kag uning. The cat meows.

bantay [bántay] 1n A tenant (as on a farm or coconut plantation). (sem. domains: - Protect.) 2v To do the work of a tenant; to caretake, take care of a farm or plantation. (sem. domains: 6.2.7 - Farm worker.) 3n Minder of children; child minder; carer of sick people or patients. (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease, 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields, - Child.) 4v To take care of, mind, watch animals or people (as of sheep, children or patients). (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease, 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields, - Child.) 5n The defender of a goal or basket in a team game. (sem. domains: - Sports.) 6n To defend, play defence in a team game. (sem. domains: - Sports.) 7n A guard (as of a soldier or police). (sem. domains: - Protect, - Imprison.) 8v To guard (as of a soldier or police). bantayán syn: toytoy 3, giya 1, tanor, kabulig 2. (sem. domains: - Protect, - Imprison.) 9v To watch for an arriving vehicle, person. (sem. domains: - Alert.) comp. bantayan it padyak , comp. bantayan it sasakyan , comp. bayay it bantay

kabulig [kabúlig] (der. of bulig) n 1Housemaid, household helper, maid, servant. (sem. domains: - Serve, 5.8 - Manage a house, 6.1.1 - Worker.) 2Tenant of land, servant. katulong syn: toytoy 3, bantay 8, giya 1, tanor. (sem. domains: 6.1.1 - Worker, 6.2.7 - Farm worker.)

tanor [tanór] vbt To watch something being done; to watch greedily, lustfully. tanod Buko maganda nak kamo ay nagtinanor hina sa ato kayungot kung ingga it punsyon. It’s not nice for you to watch greedily when our neighbours have a party. Aya gitanori kinang pagpakando it relo nak daok ra ikaw. Don’t watch him repair the watch you don’t know how to fix it either. syn: toytoy 3, bantay 8, giya 1, kabulig 2.

toytoy₁ [tóytoy] 11.1vbt To teach something to somebody. turo Ituytoy nimo sa ida kung pauno magtahor sa maguyang. Teach her how to respect parents. Atuytoyan nako kag anak it tama. I’ll teach the right things to the child. 22.1vi To understand somebody, something. Natoytoyan nako kag amo leksyon ngasing. I understood our lessons today. syn: hantop 1. 3vbt To guide somebody. subaybayan Ida atoytoyan kag ida mga anak sa maadong pagpangabuhi. He’ll guide her children into the good way of living. syn: bantay 8, giya 1, tanor, kabulig 2.

duga [dúgà] n 1Liquid from all parts of plants (as of sap from the stems, leaves and juice from the fruit etc.). dagtâ Indi mabaoy kag duga it yud-a hanggang indi nimo giyata-on anay bago pugaon. The sap of the ginger can’t be removed without crushing it first and squeezing it later. syn: tagok 2. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2To run, flow with liquid from any part of a plant (as of sap from the stems, leaves and juice from the fruit etc.). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

hamo [hamó] 1n Diaper. lampin Ilisi it hamo kinang lapsag dahil basa. Change the diaper of the baby bacause it’s wet. syn: lampin 2. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby, 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 2v To put a diaper on a child; to wrap a child in clothes (used as diapers). lampin Hamuhi it maado kinang lapsag agor indi giyamigon. Wrap the baby well with clothes so he will not feel cold. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)

hilop [hilóp] vt To suck raw eggs. hilop Indi nako giyagaon ling itlog, ahilupon yang. I will not boil the egg instead I’ll just suck it raw. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

kayumbot₂ [kayúmbot] vt To put something around one’s head and body; to wrap one’s head and body in something as of a blanket. kumutan, talukbungan dq Banton Akayumbutan nato it tamong si Inday agor indi sida giyamigon. We will wrap Inday’s head and body with a blanket so she will not feel cold. (sem. domains: - Wrap.)

yad-aw₁ [yád-aw] v To walk around aimlessly; to roam around. gala Ayaey giyad-aw kung gab-i sabaling madisgrasya pa ikaw. Don’t walk around aimlessly at night or you might meet an accident.

yak-ang [yák-ang] 1v To miss skip, one in a regular schedule. (sem. domains: - Move past, over, through.) 1.1vbt To miss doing something; to overlook doing part of something. hakbang Nagyak-ang ako it usang numero sa ako trabaho. I missed doing one number in my work. syn: yakbang 1. 2n Step. hakbang Mga pilang yak-ang yangey bag-o maabotey kita sa inra bayay. It will take us a few more steps before we will reach their house. 3vbt To step over. Aya giyak-angi kag ako tanom. Don’t step over my plant.

yakbang [yakbáng] 1n Step. hakbang Kinang abang ragko nak tawo ay abang ragko ra it yakbang. Those big men have also big steps. syn: yak-ang 1.1. 2vbt To take a long step; to step across something. Aya baga giyakbangi kaling ako mga bag-ong tanom nak buyak. Please don’t step across my newly planted flowers.

yaksaw [yaksáw] vbt To jump over something. talon Kung ako’y naghihigra aya giyaksaw sa ako baling ako’y maputot. When Iam lying down don’t jump over me I might not grow tall.

yampoy [yámpoy] 1adj Shady. malilim syn: sinrong 1, yanrong. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.) 2vi To be shaded. Nayayampuyan kag mga buyak kada waya giyayadong kag rahon. The flowers are shaded that’s why its leaves don’t wither.

yan-ag [yán-ag] 1n A fungal growth on the skin (as of on feet, which is caused by being wet a lot); athlete’s foot, tinea. Kag ako siki ay gingyan-ag dahil sa karoruot it tubi. I got athlete’s foot because of always being in water. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.) 2v To have a fungal growth on the skin (as of on feet, which is caused by being wet a lot); to have athlete's foot, tinea. Halin hina sa yunangon nak tubi agor indi ikaw giyan-agan. Get out of that muddy water so you won’t get that skin disease of the foot. (sem. domains: - Leg, 2.1.4 - Skin.)

yanras₁ [yánras] vt To step, skip, go over something (as of stepping over a object, skipping pages when reading, going over hills). hakbang Aya giyanrasi kinang ako mga bag-ong tanom nak rosas. Don’t step over my newly planted roses.

yuto₁ [yútò] adj Rigged result, a set-up. Maado pang waya giyakot si Anna sa pagpili it mga musa dahil yutoey ra yaki kato. It’s better that Anna did not join the search for a lady maskot because it was already set-up.