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grado [grádo] n Grade; class. grado, klasi (sem. domains: - Below standard, 3.6.7 - Test, 3.6.2 - School, - Meet a standard.)

sagrado₁ [sagrádo] adj Sacred. sagrado Kag simbahan ay sagrado nak lugar. The church is a sacred place. syn: benditado.

sagrado₂ [sagrádo] v To make holy, sanctify. balaan Si Ruth ay gingpasagrado it GINOO. Ruth is being sanctified by the Lord.

benditado [bénditado] (der. of bendita) adj Blessed by being sprinkled with holy water (as performed by a priest in the Roman Catholic or Philippine Independent Church traditions). Benditado kag ida kulintas it pari. Her necklace was blessed with holy water by a priest. syn: sagrado. (sem. domains: - Pray, - Religious ceremony.)

lugra [lúgra] 11.1vbt To get more than necessary at a particular time (as of buying, eating with the idea of greed also). abuso Indi nako gilugrahan it tao it kwarta kag ako anak agor indi maging abusador. I wont give my children money that’s more than necessary so that they will not become abusive. 22.1adj Abusive; taking advantage of; cheating. Ngasing nak pirmi sidang ingtataw-an it pagkaon ay nagiging lugrador. Now that he’s being given food often, he’s becoming abusive.

sal-i [sál-i] n Substitute (as of a person). kahalili Si Gigi kag sal-i ni Thel sa pagtudlo sa ika-ruhang grado. Gigi is the substitute for Thel in teaching pupils in grade two.