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gudom [gúdom] 1n Ant. (sem. domains: - Insect.) 2vbt To become covered with ants; to be eaten by ants. langgám Inggudoman tong ida inghipir nak asukar. The sugar that she kept became covered with ants.

hapaw [hápaw] v To skim, scoop off the top of something as of fat off soup; to wipe away (as of separating two things). hapaw Pag magtimpla ka it kape ay hapawi yang it gudom kinang asukar. If you make coffee you just scrape off the ants from the sugar. (sem. domains: - Liquid.)

katin₁ [kátin] vi To sit or place something so that it is not resting flat against something else. FLOAT? katin, taas Ingpapakatin nako ka ako siki pagnagiingkor agur indi makamangan it gudom. When sitting Im not resting my feet flat on the floor so that no ants will crawl on them. Pag sida ay masadya ay pay kag ida pakiramdam ay nagkakatin sida sa duta pagnagpapanaw. When she’s happy she seems to feel like she’s floating above the ground when she walks. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement, - Walk, 1.3.4 - Be in water.)

kayuga [kayugá] adj Loose; not tightly closed. maluwag Kayuga kag takyob it butangan it asukar kada nakasuyor kag gudom. The cover of the sugar bowl is not tight that’s why the ants got in. (sem. domains: - Set free, - Tangle, - Extend.)

pagpag [págpag] (irreg. infl. paypag) vt To shake out; to dust, brush off with one’s hand (cloth, dust, crumbs, etc.). pagpag Ingpagpag nako kag nagpangsapot nak balahibo it oning sa ako baro. I shook off the cat’s fur that stuck on my dress. Bag-o nako isuksok kag baro, ako anay inapaypag nak sabaling ingwat mga gudom. Before putting on my clothes, I first shake them out for there might be some ants on them. Pagpaga anay kag puti sa ako baro. Brush the white off my dress please.

tagana [tagána] vt To reserve keep something for a later time. tira Kag mga gudom ay nagtatagana it pagkaon para sa panahon it tig-uyan. The ants are reserving some foods for the rainy season.

yabhag [yábhag] vi To swell; to become swollen; to have wounds show red; to raise whelts. latay Kag ida kinagtan it gudom ay nagyabhag sa siki. Where the ants bit him showed up red on his foot. Nagyabhag kag ida braso nak kinagat it surot. His arm that was bitten by the bedbug became swollen. syn: yamhong.