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gumo [gúmò] adj Crisp; firm texture (cookie; pork rind). malutong Kag anit it lechong baktin ay magumo gikaonon kung bag-ong yuto. The skin portion of a lechon is crispy when it is newly cooked. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)

gumok₁ [gúmok] v To tear apart by eating, biting specifically of an animal. halukayin Inggumok it baktin kag ida higraan. The pig tore apart with his teeth his place for sleeping. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Animal eating.)

gumok₂ [gúmok] 1adj Tangled hair. (sem. domains: 5.4.3 - Care for hair.) 2vt To mess up (hair); tangle. guluhin Aya gigumuka kag imo buhok. Don’t mess up your hair. (sem. domains: 5.4.3 - Care for hair.)

gumon [gúmon] v To be addicted to something; to indulge in a bad habit. gumon Si Lito ay naggumon sa sugay. Lito is addicted to gambling. (sem. domains: - Lack self-control.)

gumon-gumon [gumon-gumón] n Vine with edible orange fruit. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

higumok [higúmok] vbt To mend a fishing net. tinahi syn: hukot, tahi 1. (sem. domains: - Fish with net, - Knitting.)

kagumo [kagúmò] adj Noisy food to eat; crunchy. malutóng (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Types of sounds.)

ragumo₂ [ragumô] vi To make a crunching sound as something is being eaten. malutong Nagraragumo kag dulse sa ida yuba. The candy on her mouth is making a crunching sound as she eats it. (sem. domains: - Bite, chew.)

hukot [hukót] vt To mend (particularly a fishing net). sulsi Naghukot kami it pukot nina Tang Prudin. We mended the fish net of Uncle Pruden. syn: higumok, tahi 1. (sem. domains: - Fish with net.)

tahi [tahî] 1n The stitches; design of something. yari Kag tahi it ida baro ay natastas. The stitches of her dress was unraveled. Asunoron nako kag tahi it ida palda. I’ll copy the design of her skirt. syn: hukot, higumok. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.) 2vt To sew; to stitch; to suture. Natahiey nida kag gisi’t ida sayway. She has already sewed the torn on her pants. Kag ida inoperahan ay ingtahi liwat it doktor. Her operation was sutured again by the doctor. syn: sursi. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.) 3v To sew, dressmake, to have something sewn made by dressmaker, tailor. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

pakamos [pakámos] v To achieve, gain, acquire. papala Waya it mapapakamos kag usang anak nak naggumon sa bisyo. A child won’t achieve anything if he indulges in vices.

pisutan [pisután] (irreg. infl. puswitan) n Small sea cucumbers. Kagumo gikaunon kag pisutan aber pugaan yang it suwa ag butangan it toyo. It’s crunchy to eat the small sea cucumbers even if they’re only squeezed with limes and soy sauce is put on them.