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agusto [Agústo] n The month of August. Agósto (sem. domains: - Months of the year.)

gusto [gústo] 1v To want; to like; to desire. ibig, hangad, hilig Gusto nakong apatubuan kag rayaag it buyak agor maganda. I want to grow flowers in the yard in order to make it beautiful. Nio kag imo gustong inuman? What would you like to drink? syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.) 2vi To have a liking for something, somebody. Nagkakagusto sida sa mga rayagang mahaba it buhok. He has a liking for women that have long hair. (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, 3.3 - Want, - Like, love.) 3vi To like something or somebody; to find something pleasing (eg. to one’s taste). Nagugustohan nako kag tapoy. I like the black rice. Waya nako nagustuhi kag ida batasan. I didn’t like her character. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: - Happy for, - Like, love.) 4vi To allow somebody else to decide what they want; to leave a decision up to somebody else. Apagustuhan ka nako kung niong oras ikaw magtuna it trabaho. I’ll allow you to decide on what time you start to work. 5vt To want; to like. gustó Agustuhon pa nako nak magsakay sa bapor kesa sa eroplano. I’ll like riding in a ship more than in an airplane. Inggusto nida nak maging maestra. She wanted to be a teacher. comp. gustong bisayahon , der. pagusto-gusto

gustong bisayahon [gústong bisayáhon] (comp. of gusto, bisaya) exp Meaning; mean to say. ibig sabihin Kag gustong bisayahon it ida hali ay partihoney ninra kag inra mga manang duta. What his brother means is that they should share their inherited land now. syn: kahulugan, buot silinggon 1. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand.)

karamong gustong bisayahon [karamong gustong bisayáhon] id Allegorical meanings. Katong ida mensahe sa simbahan ay karamong gustong bisayahon. His message in the church has many allegorical meanings. (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb, 3.5.3 - Language.)

mu-ot [mu-ót] vbt To like something; to be pleased with something; to love somebody. gusto, ibig Namuot ako roto sa ida bag-ong tabas it baro. I liked the new cut of her dress. Nagkamut-anan sinra aber sa unang pagkita pa. They liked each other even at the frist meeting yet. Tong nag-iistar sida sa Manila, nagkamuot sida sa mga pagkaong mayamig. When she was living in Manila she developed a liking for cold foods. Waya nako namut-i kag ida pakitang tawo nak pakikipag-amigo sa ako. I didn’t like her superficial show of friendship to me. syn: mahilig, gusto 3, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: - Pleased with, 4.1.8 - Show affection.) der. namumu-ot , der. pahamu-ot

pagusto [pagústo] n Whenever one likes; at one’s own whim, liking (as of indulging oneself or one’s children). kung gusto Pagusto it tong inra bisita nak magkaligos ay napagto sa ragat ag magrangoy. Whenever their visitors like to swim they just go to the beach and swim.

pagusto-gusto [pagusto-gústo] (der. of gusto) adj Dependent on one’s mood.

tagustos [tagústos] n Itchy grub that eats rice. (sem. domains: - Insect.)

udon₁ [údon] v To like, find a food agreeable but it is not necessarily a favourite. gusto Waya ako nakaudon it inra pagkaon. I did not like their food.

buot silinggon [bu-ót silínggon] (comp. of buot, siling) id 1Mean, meaning, mean to say; as if to say; in other words. [lit: will say-to-somebody] ibig sabihin Kag buot silinggon it imo mga maguyang sa pagpiga sa imo sa pakikipaginuman ay adong indi ka magrako nak mayanguhon. What your parents mean in stopping you from drinking with others is that for you not to grow up to be a drunkard. syn: kahulugan, gustong bisayahon. (sem. domains: - Cause, 3.5.3 - Language.) 2The reason. (sem. domains: - Cause.)

hilig [hílig] 1adj To lean as of a lopsided building; crooked, of a post, fence or tree. Kag inra kuray ay hiligey kada ay ailisan ray. Their fence is already leaning so they will replace it with new one. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1. (sem. domains: 8.2 - Big.) 2vi crooked, out of plumb hilig Naghihiligey kag poste it TIELCO kada ailisan ray. The Tablas Island Electrical Company (TIELCO) post is crooked so they will replace it with another. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time.)

kahulugan [kahulugán] n Meaning. kahulugán syn: gustong bisayahon, buot silinggon 1. (sem. domains: - Word, 2.3 - Sense, perceive, - Meaning, 3.5.3 - Language.)

mahilig [mahílig] adj Fond of. mahilig Kag amo bag-ong maestro ay mahilig sa kabadi. Our new teacher is fond of girls. syn: mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3, udon 1.1.

udon₂ [údon] 11.1vbt To like something; to be fond of something. nagustuhan Naudon ako it lugaw nak nahaluan it saging. I like rice cereal that has bananas mixed in it. Ida nauudonaney kag kan-on. She’s already learning to like rice. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, gusto 1, yain 3. 22.1v To take effect especially of medicine. hiyang Naudon sa ako kinang buyong dahil nag-ado-ado. That medicine took effect as I’m feeling a bit better.

yain₂ [yá-in] 1adj Bad; evil; wicked; dirty; ugly; unclean; wrong; immoral (as of anything bad or immoral). pángit, masamâ 2n Bad; evil; wicked; dirty; ugly; unclean; wrong; immoral (as of anything bad or immoral). 3vi To dislike something; to find something distasteful. Nayainan ako sa ida inghoman sa ako. I disliked what she did to me. syn: mahilig, mu-ot, gusto 3, hilig 1, gusto 1, udon 1.1. 4vi To feel, become unwell (as of feeling sick). comp. mayain , comp. mayain it buot , comp. mayain it isip , comp. mayain it kabubut-on , comp. mayain kag buot , comp. mayain nak ispirito , der. kayainan , id. kayain sa ako buot

agrabyado [agrabyádo] 1adj Aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); victimised; oppressed; suffering loss, hurt or unfair treatment. maapi Waya gusto it Dios nak kag mga mahirap ay maging agrabyado. God doesn’t want that poor people be aggravated. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) 2v To be aggravated, provoked (as of making a problem worse); to be victimized, oppressed, made to suffer loss, hurt or unfair treatment. (sem. domains: - Worse, - Oppress.) der. pangagrabyado

athag [áthag] v Clear, fluent, explicit (as of speech and communication). malinawan Kada ako nagpali ay gusto yang nakong iathagon sa inro kung kamo ay kasayey. The reason why I came is just to clarify if you are really married. (sem. domains: - Expose falsehood.) der. maathag , der. paathag

baghot [bághot] v To throw, eject, toss something or somebody out. ihagis, itapon Ingbaghot ni Arlene tong regalo it ida manang dahil buko nida gusto. Arlene threw out the gift of her sister because she didn’t like it. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

bakbakan [bakbákan] 1n Continuous, intensive fist fighting, shooting; violence (as of action and noise in a movie). Gusto nida magmuyat it bakbakan sa sine. He likes to see continuous fighting in the movie. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit, 4.8 - Conflict.) 2vi To fight, shoot continuously at somebody. bakbakan Nagbakbakan it away kag mga kayaki. The men fought and fought. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit, 4.8 - Conflict.)

biga₂ [bígà] n Plant species which is a rootcrop called "elephant leaf" belonging to the family of gábi. It is an inedible wild plant but the leaf is used as an umbrella due to its size. gabi Mas gusto nako kag gayabon kaysa biga dahil buko masyadong ragko. I like ‘gayabon’ better than ‘biga’ because it’s not so big. [This root can be eaten in times of famine and is rich in carbohydrates but poor in other food constituents. The spadix or leaf stalk is used in medical decoction as a treatment for difficult menopause.] Cyrtosperma Merkusii (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)

bisaya₃ [bisáya] 1n Word. (sem. domains: - Word.) 2n Speech; what is said; words spoken. (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.) 3v To speak. sabihin, salita Igwa ako’t ibisaya sa imo nanay. I have something to say to your mother. Kag ako gustong abisayahon ay... What I want to say is... Permi sida nagbibisaya it ibang tawo. She’s always speaking badly of other people. Sio kag ida kabisaya? Who is he talking with? Ingkakabisaya nako kag ako sarili pagnagsasauyo it mga bisaya. I talk to myself when I’m memorizing words. syn: tabil 1, tsismis 2, da-da 2, istorya 1, himplo. (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.) 4n Language. (sem. domains: 3.5.3 - Language.) comp. bawia kinang imo bisaya , comp. Bisaya it Dios , comp. bisaya parti sa minatay , comp. gustong bisayahon , comp. magbisaya it matuor , comp. waya gihahalin ka ida pagbisaya , der. ibisaya , der. kabisaya , der. kabisayahan

daster [dáster] 1n Loose cotton dress (as of one without a waistline that is worn around the house). [From the English "duster".] (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.) 2v To wear loose cotton dresses (as of one without a waistline that is worn around the house). daster Gusto nidang magdaster permi. She likes to wear loose cotton dresses all the time. (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.)

diskarte [diskárte] 1n A plan, move in a game or courtship. (sem. domains: - Game, 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, - Romantic love.) 2vt To plan, make a move in a game or courtship. diskarte Waya sida nadiskarte rutong rayaga aber gustong-gusto nida kato. He doesn’t make the move to court to that lady even though he likes her very much. (sem. domains: - Game, 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, - Romantic love.)

diskusyunan [diskusyúnan] (der. of diskusyon) 1n Discussion; debate; disagreement; argument (as of with many people involved and much talk back and forth). Waya gusto ni Manny nak mag-iba sa mga diskusyunan. Manny doesn’t want to join in the debate. (sem. domains: - Debate.) 2v To have a discussion, debate, disagreement, argument (as of with many people involved and much talk back and forth). (sem. domains: - Debate.)

dulo [dúlo] n End, heel crust of bread. Buko nida gusto nak kaunon kag dulo it tinapay. She doesn’t want to eat the end crust of bread. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)