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bag nak guwang [bag nak guwáng] (comp. of bag, guwang) n Woven handbag made from the guwang palm. [lit: bag which guwang-palm] (sem. domains: 5.4 - Adornment.)

guwang [guwáng] n Tree species; palm with large rough leaves that look like an open hand with spread fingers. The leaves are used to weave sleeping mats. Buri Karamo kag nabakay nidang guwang. She had bought many rough palm leaves used in weaving mats. [This palm yields palm wine, alcohol, vinegar, syrup, and sugar. The trunk yields food materials in the form of starch. The buds are used for salads or as a vegetable. Kernels of the young fruit are edible and are made into sweetmeats. The mature seeds are used for beads and buttons. The leaves when crudely extracted, are sometimes twisted into rope. Strips of the unopened leaf are woven into hats, mats, bags, sails, baskets, and other articles.] Corypha Elata (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.) comp. bag nak guwang

kugong it guwang [kugóng it guwáng] n Midrib of palm used in weaving sleeping mats. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

amising [amísing] 1n Shavings off weaving strips, leaves. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.) 2v To shave off strings, strips from leaves used in weaving (as of guwáng, pandanus palm fronds used for sleeping mats). Ako ginghagar kay Nanay tong ida mga sobra nak amising. I asked Mother for the extra shavings from her weaving strips. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

buntay [buntáy] 1n New growth leaves on guwáng "weaving" palm (as used in weaving sleeping mats). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2v To sprout, put out, grow new leaves on guwáng "weaving" palm (as used in weaving sleeping mats). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

rait₁ [raít] n A shuttle (for weaving guwang, buri fibre). Abang tagar katong ida rait kada ako ay naugar. Her shuttle was so pointed that’s why I got cut.

sagurang₁ [sagúrang] n Woven guwang palm cloth. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

sagurang₂ [sagúrang] n Woven guwang fibre container. Kag ida raya ay sagurang nak puno it balinghoy ag kamote. He brought woven guwang container full of cassava and sweet potatoes.

uyak [úyak] n An alcoholic drink from the flower of the guwang tree, from which vinegar may also be made. (sem. domains: 5.2.6 - Stimulant, 5.2.3 - Types of food.)