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guyang [gúyang] 1adj Old, mature and of reproductive age or older (as of a plant, animal or person). (sem. domains: - Old person, - Old, not young.) 2v To grow old, mature (as of a plant, animal or person of reproductive age or older). (sem. domains: - Old person, - Old, not young.) 3n Mature female bird (as of the general term e.g. hen). (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, - Bird.) 4n Mature female of certain animals (as of the general term e.g. female dog: bitch, female pig: sow, female buffalo: cow). (sem. domains: - Dog, 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, 1.6 - Animal, - Pig.) 5n Mature female insect in a hive etc. (as of the general term e.g. queen of bees, ants). (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, - Insect.) der. kaguyangan , der. maguyang , der. maguyang

guyang nak baktin [gúyang nak báktin] n Mother pig. inahíng báboy (sem. domains: - Mammal, 1.6.1 - Types of animals, 1.6 - Animal, - Hoofed animals.)

guyang nak manok [gúyang nak manók] n Hen. inahín (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, 1.6 - Animal, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, - Chicken, 1.6.4 - Animal actions.)

guyang nak nidog [gúyang nak nidóg] n Old coconut. niyog (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Growing coconuts, - Food from plants, - Remove shell, skin, - Food from fruit, - Growing trees.)

ingpapa-eskwela it maguyang ay pakapangmadabas ngani [ingpapa-eskwéla it magúyang ay pakapangmadábas ngánì] id A child wasted time and lost an educational opportunity (lit: sent to school by one's parents but just climbed guava trees). (sem. domains: - Word.)

kaguyangan [kaguyángan] (der. of guyang) n Virgin, tropical rain forest; jungle (as of a place with fullgrown big old trees where no one lives). kagubatan (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kamaguyangan [kamaguyángan] n Eldest child. pangánay (sem. domains: - Old, not young.)

karabaw yang kag nagguguyang buko kag tawo [kárabaw yang kag naggugúyang búkò kag tawo] say Only buffalos get old not people (as when joking about people wanting to stay youthful). kalabaw lang ang tumatanda hindi ang tao Siling ni Dolphy, “karabaw yang kag nagguguyang buko kag tawo.” Dolphy said, “only buffalos get old not people.” (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say, - Talk about a subject.)

maguyang₁ [magúyang] (der. of guyang) n 1Parent. (sem. domains: - Father, mother.) 2Elder; old, older person. (sem. domains: - Old, not young, - Non-relative.)

maguyang₂ [maguyáng] (der. of guyang) n Older sibling; older brother or sister. (sem. domains: - Brother, sister, - Old, not young.)

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsahán] id Aging,growing old ironing. (idiom) as of a lifetime occupation. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

nag guguyang sa plantsahan [nag guguyang sa plantsáhan] id Aging, growing old in ironing, as of a life time occupation. (sem. domains: - Work hard.)

tanrang suki sa kaguyang [tánrang sukî sa kagúyang] n Marks because of old age. tanda ng katandaan Kinang kurubot sa ida uda ay tanrang suko sa kaguyang. Those wrinkles in her face are marks of old age.

tig-guyang [tig-gúyang] n Elder. matandâ sa Iglésiya Respetuhon nato kag mga tig-guyang. We must respect the elders.

abiyo [abíyo] n Financial aid, donation or assistance. pera Waya sinra giparay-i it abiyo it inra maguyang kada nagutom sinra. Their parents did not send them financial aid that’s why they starved. (sem. domains: - Give, donate.)

abtik [ábtik] 1adj Agile, lively, active, energetic, fit. Maabtik gihapon sida aber maguyangey. She’s still energetic even though she’s old. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 2sta To be, become agile, lively, active, energetic or fit. maliksi Naabtik sida pagkaehersisyo. He becomes energetic after doing exercise. syn: liksi. (sem. domains: 2.4.1 - Strong.) 3vt To hasten, speed up or increase the pace. bilisán Ing-abtik nida kag pagpanaw agur indi sida maulihi pa-mitingan. He hastened his walking so that he wouldn’t be late for the meeting. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.) der. maabtik

abuso [abúso] (dial. var. abusado) 1adj Abusive; presumptuous; taking advantage of somebody or some privilege. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) 2vi To abuse, be presumptuous, take advantage of somebody or some privilege. abuso Maabuso kag anak it paghagar it kuwarta kung imo apasugtan it tao. The child will abuse us by asking for money if we don’t limit the giving of money to him. Ingabuso it tawo kag kabuot it tong maguyang nak negosyante. The man abused the kindness of the old businessman. syn: hinaom, nanali. (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Do evil to.) der. abusador

alanganin [alangánin] 1adv Feeling unsure, fearful, apprehensive or caught between two choices. alangan Alanganin rang mag-idamo ako it Jackstone ay maguyangey ako. It’s improper for me to play jackstones since I’m too old for that. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 2v To feel, be unsure, fearful, apprehensive, or caught between two choices. alangan Nag-aalangan sida nak maglarga pa-Simara dahil makusog kag ragat. He’s not sure whether to leave for Simara because the sea is rough. Nag-aalanganin sida nak waya nabaton it ida manghor katong parayang kwarta. She fears that the money sent to her sister wasn’t received. (sem. domains: - Doubt.) 3adv Unable, unfit, ineligible to do something. (sem. domains: - Wrong, unsuitable.) 4adj Being a little, slightly under ripe or not quite ripe. (sem. domains: 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.)

aya gikalibog, hali kami nak mabulig [ayâ gikalibóg, háli kamí nak mabúlig] (comp. of kalibog, hali, bulig) exp Don't worry, we're here to help (as an expression of empathy, sympathy at a time of trouble or death). huwag kang mag-alala, dito kami para tumulong Aya gikalibog hali kami nak mabulig sa imo aber wayaey ikaw it maguyang. Don’t worry we’re here to help you even though you’ve got no parents. (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

bahala [bahálà] exp Take responsibility for something or somebody; it's up to somebody to take care of something or somebody. Ngasing, sinra ay inggwa ra it mga hanap-buhay ag kami ra ay maguyangey, kada sinra it bahalaey sa amo. Now they too are making a living and we are now old so these children of our’s must take responsibility for themselves apart from us. (sem. domains: - Care for.) comp. bahalaey galing sa punta it lapis , comp. bahalaey sinra sa inra sariling kabuhi

bakulo [bakuló] 1n A walking stick, cane; a shepherd's crook; a staff (as of any length or shaped stick that is a sign of position, power or authority). syn: baston, sungkor. (sem. domains: - Sheep, 4.5.3 - Exercise authority, - Walk with difficulty.) 2vi To use, walk with a cane or stick. bakulo Nagbakuloey kag maguyang nak tawo. The old man already uses a cane. (sem. domains: - Walk with difficulty.)

bali-bali [bali-balî] (der. of bali) 1adj Broken in many places, pieces; broken repeatedly, many times. Waya nabuhi tong anak nak nahuyog sa nidog dahil bali-bali kag ida yawas. Her child didn’t survive when it fell on the coconut tree because his body was broken in many places. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 2v To break in many places, pieces; to break repeatedly, many times. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 3adj Crooked; out of alignment Balingag ag ida ngisi. Her tooth is crooked. (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping.) 4adj Foolish, silly ideas. Perming away tong magmanghor dahil balingag kag isip it tong maguyang. Those brothers are always quarreling because the older one always has silly ideas. (sem. domains: - Stupid.) der. pabali-bali

basi sa [bási sa] (comp. of basi) rel Based on (as of the source of one's teaching or ideas). ayon Basi sa istorya it mga maguyang tong unang panahon ay ingkakaon kuno it aswang kag buyan kung di iklipse. Based on the stories of old folks during those days the moon is eaten by a witch when there is an eclipse. (sem. domains: - Basic, 3.5 - Communication, 3.2 - Think, - First.) der. basihan

bawat usa [báwat usá] (comp. of bawat, usa) n Each one. bawat isa Bawat usa sa inra ay ingpatinrogan it bayay it inra maguyang. Each one of them had a house build by their parents. (sem. domains: - Indefinite pronouns.)

bayusbusan [bayusbúsan] n Seashore; beach. dalampasigan Kag giwanon ay asa kweba sa bayusbusan it ragat sa puno it pampang sa tayurtor it Guyangan. The water runs out of the rocks into the sea in a cave on the seashore at the foot of the cliff below Guyangan ridge. (sem. domains: - Island, shore.)