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haas [há-as] vbt To pull, haul in the fishing line, net completely (to load onto the boat or to bring to the shore). haas Tong waya ra’t nabaoy kag sayap, inra yangey inghaas kali. When their net caught nothing, they hauled it to their boat. syn: saog 1.2, alimpuwas, takas 2. (sem. domains: 6.4 - Hunt and fish.)

saog₂ [sáog] 11.1n Dry dock 1.2vt To carry a boat ashore or carry it to the water. Sauga kinang baroto! Bring that boat ashore! Asaugon nako kag baruto nak mapamunit ako. I will put the boat into the water because I will go fishing. syn: haas, alimpuwas, takas 2. 22.1vt To lift and carry or transport something from one place to another; to get, obtain and then transport somewhere. Hariin kamo nasaog it kahoy? Where do you get your wood? syn: hakot.

takas [tákas] (dial. var. alimpuwas) 1n The beach, shore, edge of an ocean or river (as of out of the water). (sem. domains: - Island, shore.) 2vt To come to shore out of water; to get out of a boat and come ashore. ahon Nagtakasey tong mga mangingisra. The fisherman came out of the water already. syn: saog 1.2, haas, alimpuwas. (sem. domains: - Island, shore, - Move up.)