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buko mahab-as [bukô maháb-as] (comp. of buko, hab-as) adj Parsimonious; mean; frugal; careful; not heavy handed serving food or money. [lit: not heavy-handed] Si Marit ay buko mahab-as magsukar it kan-on. Marit is not heavy handed in serving food. (sem. domains: - Stingy.)

hab-as [háb-as] adj Heavy handed; uneconomical; profilgate; quickly uses up or consumes something. madaling maubusan Si Joanna ay abang hab-as magsukar kada nagkuyang kag kan-on. Joanna is heavy handed with the food when scooping it out so there was not enough rice. (sem. domains: - Lack, - Appearance, - Waste, 6.1.2 - Method.) comp. buko mahab-as

mahab-as₁ [maháb-as] adj Heavy-handed serving of food. Mahab-as talaga ako magsanrok it kan-on kada ikaw yangey it sanrok. I’m really heavy-handed serving rice so you just take out some to give away.

mahab-as₂ [mahab-ás] adj Heavy-handed serving food. ? Si Belen ay mahab-as magsukar kada perming kuyang kag kinaydo. Belen is heavy handed while serving food that’s why cooked rice runs out always.

buhaghag [buhághag] 1adj Kind of rice which doesn't increase in amount when cooked and where the grains just separate (as of a bad quality where the texture is not good). Karako it sabaw kag kinaydo kada buhaghag kung inasukar. The rice was cooked in a lot of water so the grains are fluffy when served. (sem. domains: 8.3.2 - Texture, 8.3.3 - Light, - Cooking methods.) 2v To loosen, separate cooked rice grains (so as to will fill the plate better). Buhaghaga kag pagsukar it kan-on para buko mahab-as. Try to loosen the rice when you scoop it out so that it won’t be used up so quickly. (sem. domains: 8.3.2 - Texture, 8.3.3 - Light, - Cooking methods.) 3adj Loose, "fly-away" ( as of hair when the strands won't stay in place, tied back). (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair, 5.4.3 - Care for hair.) 4adj Loose (as of the texture of soil). (sem. domains: - Soil, dirt.)