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habig [hábig] 1loc Side of something, such as a road. syn: piliw, balisbisan, rugo 2. (sem. domains: - Beside.) 2vi To go to the side of. Nagpahabig sida pagrayan it dyip. She went to the side of the street when the jeep passed by. (sem. domains: - Move sideways.) 3vbt To put something on, to the side of something. tabí Ingpahabig ninra kag mga bato sa karsada. They put the stones on the side of the street. (sem. domains: - Put aside.) der. habig-habig

habig-habig [habig-habíg] (der. of habig) id Off the street (as of a mongrel dog or a person with no real status in society e.g. “any old bloke”). tabi-tabi Napuyot nako tong usang iro sa habig-habig. I just picked up the dog off the street. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search, - Attention, 2.3.1 - See, 7.6.2 - Find, - Arm, - Look.)

balisbisan [balisbisán] n Place on, near the shore; shoreline. dalampasigan, pasigan Maramo ka imo makikitang tawo sa balisbisan pagsugbo it adlaw. You could see many people along the shoreline during sunset. syn: piliw, habig 1, rugo 2. (sem. domains: - Island, shore.)

piliw [píliw] n Shallows of the ocean (as of water close to the shore). tabi, dalampasigan syn: balisbisan, habig 1, rugo 2. (sem. domains: - Ocean, lake.)

rugo₂ [rúgo] 1n Corner of something (inside or outside corner). sulok syn: ringkon. 2vt To put something in a corner, small space. sulok Iparugo yangey nako kaling yuma nak tamong nak indiey ra magamit. I’ll put this old blanket in the corner since it’s not useful now. syn: piliw, balisbisan, habig 1. der. parugo , der. rugunon

agar [agár] 1conj Would have... except for; it would be useless to... because of (as of an unexpected or regretable result caused by some previous happening or condition). sana Agar waya ako gisisip-una, nagpauyan ra ako. I would not have got a cold except for the fact that I went out in the rain. Agar indi sida mabada-an it dyip kung waya sida nawili sa rayanan. She wouldn’t have missed the jeep if she wouldn’t have dawdled on the way. Agar ingpayumon nako kag batag, naubos ra gihapon it takaw. It was useless for me to let the bananas ripen because they were just stolen. (sem. domains: - Except.) 2conj Although…nevertheless; despite... nevertheless. Agar indi ako magpali impatawag ra nimo. Although I hadn’t intended to come nevertheless I came because you sent for me. Agar waya sida nahuhuyog, nagpahabig sida. Although she didn’t fall nevertheless she went off the side. (sem. domains: - Concession.) 3part Merely. (sem. domains: - To a small degree.)

amamakoy [amamakóy] n Mushroom species which is an edible mushroom that is brown on top and white underneath which is often found under banana palms. kabuti Karamo nak makikitang amamakoy nak nagbuskar sa habig it sapa pag buyan it Agosto. You will see lots of mushrooms growing along the river banks during the month of August. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

bagyas [bágyas] 1n Shit (as of the vulgar, swear word for human feces). tae, dumi Nagkakalat kag mga bagyas sa habig it baybay. Human faeces are scattered near the seashore. syn: tai. (sem. domains: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 2interj Shit! (as of the swear word) (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections, 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 3vi To squat and defecate (as of a human being). (vulgar) Napabagyas sida sa banyo. He squatted and defecated in the bathroom. (sem. domains: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.)

isrog [ísrog] 1vi To move over; to slide over. Dahil masiot sa ingkoran, nag-islog-islog ako sa habig. I moved a little over the side of the bench because it is nearly crowded. (sem. domains: 7.2 - Move, - Move sideways.) 2vt To slide something over. usod Ato aisrugon kaling lamesa isag. We will slide over this table later. (sem. domains: - Move sideways.)

kauyo [ka-úyo] (der. of uyo) vi 1To defecate, pass feces. tatae Makauyo ray si Jack sa habig it baybay. Jack will defecate along the beach. [In English there are various terms for this. "Defecate" or "pass feces" is the physical description of the act. "To have a bowel movement" is the medical term. Some cultures can say "to go to the toilet". "Shit" is a vulgar, swear word used by men. Terms used with children are "to pooh/poo-poo". There are a number of other euphemistic expressions as well e.g. "to answer the call of nature", "to do one's business", "to do a number two" (where urine is a "number one"), "to go to the john, gents/ladies, men's/little boy's room", "to go to the bathroom",. Women use terms like "to powder my nose", "to visit aunty", "to go for a walk" etc..] (sem. domains: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 2To be defecated on (as of by a child). (sem. domains: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 3To waste money (is like just defecating "money"). (sem. domains: - Spend.) comp. ingkauyuhan sa uyo , der. kauyhanan , der. kinauyo , der. kinauyo

madri kakaw [mádri kakáw] n Tree species; a herbal medicine tree (used to shade coffee) which is also harvested for lumber. Nagtanom sinra it madri kakaw sa habig it bayay. They’ve planted a madri kakaw tree beside the house. (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials, - Medicinal plants.)

munton-munton [munton-muntón] vt To put big pile of something somewhere (as of stones etc.). patong-patong, suson-suson, bunton Ingpangmunton-munton nina Doming kag ragkong bato sa habig it karsada. Doming put big piles of stones along the road. syn: puntok 1, tumpok, puntok 2.

pabilin [pabílin] (der. of bilin) 1n Last request, instructions, advice, will (as of someone leaving on a journey or close to death). habilin Kag pabilin it tong namatay nidang tatay ay hagto sida iyubong sa habig it ida asawa. The last dying words of his dying father is he should be buried beside his wife. (sem. domains: 2.6 - Life, - Say farewell.) 2v To remain, stay behind, abide; to make stay on somewhere (as of somebody's words, something or somebody). (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere, 8.4.2 - Take time.) comp. pabilin sa isip

panpan [pánpan] vt To level a steep place, land. pantay Panpana yangey kinang inro habig it bayay ag tamnan it mga utanon. You level off the land behind your house and plant some vegetables. syn: kobra.

pasunor [pasúnor] vt To line something up. sunod-sunod Ipasunor nako’t butang it bato sa habig it buyak. I’ll line these stones up at the edge of the flowers.

pasyar [pasyár] v To go out strolling. pasyal, limayon Nagpamasyar sinra sa habig it ragat. They went out strolling along the seashore. syn: ladiyo. (sem. domains: - Walk.)

patag [pátag] 1n A level plain; flat land. (sem. domains: - Plain, plateau.) 2vt To level land; to make land flat. pátag Apatagon sa habig it bayay para matamnan it utan. I’ll have this place leveled beside the house so I can plant vegetables. (sem. domains: - Plain, plateau.)

payapag [payápag] n A round rock. malaking bato Napabunggo ako sa payapag sa habig it suba. I bumped on a round rock beside the river.

pisngoy₁ [písngoy] 1sta To chip off a small piece of something; to break off. tipik Napisngoy kag habig it pinggan. The edge of the plate was chipped off. 2vbt To chip, break off something intentionally. Apisnguyan nako it maisot kag tinapay. I’ll break off a small part from the bread. syn: puksi.

rokrok₁ [rókrok] vt To hide or put something in a corner or crack. siksik Inarokrok it manograsyon it inra dyaryo tong inra kopya sa habig it hagran. The newsboy just put the copy of their newspaper in the crack beside the door.

suro₁ [suró] vt To charge somebody; to lunge at (as of a carabao or person, using one’s head); to attack. suwag Nagpapangsuro it tawo kag inra karabaw. Their carabao charges people. Pahabig nak sabaling suruhon ikaw it karabaw. Go to the side in case the carabao charges you.

suyong [súyong] v To put something in the fire to burn (the fuel includes anything to be burnt). sulsol Suyungon nimo katong mga likot sa habig it sunog. You put that rubbish around the sides in the fire. Asuyungan nimo kag kayado it rabok hanggang makayuto. Put the firewood in the fire until the food cooks. (sem. domains: 5.5.4 - Burn.)

tumba [túmba] 11.1sta To fall over from an upright position (usually sideways). Natumba it hangin kag kataas nak nidog sa habig it amo bayay. The tall coconut tree beside our house fell over because of the wind. Natumba kag sanrig nak ingpasanrig sa bayay. The ladder that was put against the house fell over. 1.2vi To fall over. tumba Nagtutumba kag mga mataas nak gusali pag-naglilinog. Tall Buildings fall over when there’s an earthqauke. 22.1vt To turn something over on its side. Apatumbahon it panray kag lamesa agor mabutangan it siki. The carpenter will turn the table over on its side in order to put on the legs. syn: pabalinsay, balintong 2.

urong [úrong] vt 1To go, move backward; to reverse, withdraw, back away from (as of walking backwards). urong Urongan baga kinaong bangko sa habig. Can you move backward the chair in the corner. (sem. domains: - Move back.) 2To move something backwards, further away (as of moving a chair further back). (sem. domains: - Put in back.) 3To postpone, move a date back or away until a later time. urong Ing-urong kono kag miting dahil ya pa giabot si Mayor. They say the meeting has been postponed because the Mayor hasn’t arrived yet. syn: atras 1. (sem. domains: - Postpone.)

yaga₃ [yága] v To look with anger. dilat Ingyagahan ni Lisa tong anak nak nagtitibaw sa habig it karsada. Lisa looked with anger at the child who is crying along the street.