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habol [hábol] 1vt To rush in order to get somewhere in time. Ihabol nako it tapos kag ako labahan para makapasokey. I will rush washing the clothes so I can go to work. (sem. domains: - Excited, - Attack, - Enthusiastic, 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, 3.3 - Want, - Purpose, goal.) 2

lahay [láhay] v To chase; to pursue, as of an enemy. habol Ginglahay ni Bolog it sunrang si Jimsi. Bolog was chased by Jimsi’s bolo. Alahayon ninro kinang manok pag makabuhi. You will chase those chickens if they get lose. (sem. domains: - Catch, capture.)

paapas [pa-ápas] (der. of apas) 1n A late addition, arrival; something which follows, arrives after something else. (sem. domains: - Add to something.) 2v To hurriedly prepare by adding something later (as of more food for visitors). pahabol Nagpaapas it kaydo si Norma dahil karamong nag-abot nak bisita. Norma hurriedly cooked more rice because many visitors arrived. (sem. domains: - Add to something.) 3v To make somebody follow, go after somebody else; to send something on after somebody. (sem. domains: 7.2.8 - Send someone, - Send.)

yagor₂ [yagór] v To chase, pursue, go after somebody. habol Ingyagor pang gador ni Doggie kag manok nak ida narakop. Doggie really chased that chicken which he caught.

talibong₂ [talibóng] n Long bladed knife, sword, machete perhaps 1m long and thin. used in war. gulok Inghabol ni Bulog it talibong tong mananakaw. Bulog ran after the thief with his long bladed knife.

tudo-tudo [tudo-túdo] 1adv To do something continuously; intensively. Tudo-tudo sinra it rayagan dahil igwa sinra it inghahabol. They ran and ran because they had someone they were chasing. syn: puat 2. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere.) 2vi To do something continuously and intensively. tudo-tudo Nagtudo-tudo sinra it away dahil waya’t nagsasaway sa inra. They fought and fought because no one restrained them. (sem. domains: - Series.) 3vt To intensify something; to increase something. Ingtudo ninra kag kakusog it radyo. They increased the volume of the radio.