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hab-on₁ [háb-on] v To transfer, move something to another place somewhere. hakot Inghab-on ni Lito kag ida pamilya sa kuyba tong sinra ay masunugan. Lito transferred his family to another place in a cave when their house was burned down. (sem. domains: - Hold, - Pick up, - Move to a new house, - Actions of the hand, 7.3.1 - Carry.)

hakot [hákot] vbt To transport; haul; carry cargo. hakot Naghakot sinra it mga kahoy sa bungkag. They carried wood from the forest. syn: saog 2.1. (sem. domains: - Pull.)

panangop₃ [panangóp] v To evacuate and take shelter in another house, building. naghakot Nagpanangop sa Ulric kana Pacit pagrayan it makusog nak bagyo. Ulric’s family evacuated to Pacit’s place when the strong typhoon hit. syn: bakwit. (sem. domains: - Away from.)

saog₂ [sáog] 11.1n Dry dock 1.2vt To carry a boat ashore or carry it to the water. Sauga kinang baroto! Bring that boat ashore! Asaugon nako kag baruto nak mapamunit ako. I will put the boat into the water because I will go fishing. syn: haas, alimpuwas, takas 2. 22.1vt To lift and carry or transport something from one place to another; to get, obtain and then transport somewhere. Hariin kamo nasaog it kahoy? Where do you get your wood? syn: hakot.

graba [grába] n Gravel. graba Naghakot it graba sinra nak ipangtambon sa buho. They carried gravel to cover the pit. (sem. domains: - Rock.)

hantaran [hantáran] adv Brazenly. harap-harapan Kag paghakot ninra it kahoy ay hantaran nak ingpapakita sa tawo. Their gathering of wood is done brazenly in the sight of people. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - In front of.)

kaligos [kalígos] 1n Bath. paligo Abang rugay kag ida kaligos. He had a very long bath. syn: bili. (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.) 2vi To bathe; to take a bath. Nagkaligos sida sa sapa. She took a bath in the river. (sem. domains: 5.6.2 - Bathe.) 3vbt To bathe somebody else (a child, sick person, a dog). malígò Ingkaligusan nako si Rex it mayabaab nak tubi. I bathed Rex with a lukewarm water. Nagkakaligos rabuno sida it gaos sa paghakot it lugit. How pitiful, he’s bathing in perspiration because of carrying copra. comp. akaligusan tong tuor , der. kaligusan

nag-isip it parayan [nag-ísip it paráyan] idiom - Convert to subentry To think up, mastermind a solution, means, way. Nag-isip it parayan si Al kung pauno mahahakot tong tanang raya it ida tiya halin sa bapor. Al thought up some ways for how to carry all the baggage of his Auntie from the ship.