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halos [hálos] part 1Almost all; nearly everything. halos Halos naubosey ka inra tinipon nak kwarta sa pagpabuyong it inra anak pero waya gihapon naulie. The money they’d saved was almost all used up in treating their child but he still wasn’t better. (sem. domains: - Almost.) 2Seldom; hardly ever; reluctantly. Halos indi sida magbisita sa ida pamilya dahil nalilibang sa ida kabit. He seldom visits his family because he’s taken up with his mistress. (sem. domains: - Most, least.) 3About to; almost do something. (sem. domains: - Almost.)

maguya ka ida mata [maguyá ka ída matá] id Eyes laugh, twinkle, dance (as in happiness). tumatawa pati mata Halos maguya ka ida mata tong maayaman nidang maabot kag ida asawa. Her eyes were almost laughing when she knew that her husband was to arrive. (sem. domains: - Happy, - Eye.)

nagtaas kag tanan puyra putot [nagtáas kag tanán púyra putót] idiom - Convert to subentry Everything goes up except short people (as jokingly referring to rising prices). nagtaas ang lahat pwera ang pandak Pay halos nagtaas kag tanan puyra putot pagkatapos it bagyo. It seems everything goes up except a short person.

sugba [súgba] vbt To put something in the fire or in something burning like coals (as in cooking food or destroying something in a fire). ihaw Sugbahan kag sawa sa kayado. Put the snake in the fire. Nagsugba sida it isra sa baga. He put the fish in the coals. Abang ramo kaming bayon nak isra tong magkaligos ag, nagsugba kami it halos katonga it amo raya. We brought plenty of fish when we went swimming, and we broil almost half of what we brought. syn: ihaw.

tama₂ [támà] 1.1v The fish came in (close to shore for net catching etc.). tumama Pag natama kag isra sa inra lugar ay halos maubos ra kag mga asin sa tinrahan. When the fish come in at their place almost all the salt in the stores is sold out.