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hampig [hámpig] loc A place that’s near, in the vicinity, towards somewhere. banda Hampig sa tulay sinra gilalangoy. They’re swimming near the bridge. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.)

hina hampig [hinâ hampíg] (id. of hina) id Near there; somewhere nearby. (sem. domains: - Near, 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)

abot₂ [ábot] 1n A point reached (as in height or attainment). abot Ka ida yang abot it eskwela ay grade six. He only reached grade six at school. (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 2adj Reachable; can be reached by someone or something. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) 3excl Got you! caught! (as of when one is hit or tagged with the hand during a game). (sem. domains: 7.7 - Physical impact, - Game.) 4vbt To catch, catch up with somebody or something; to arrive in time to get, give or do something. Aabuton nako sida sa kulungan. I will catch him in the chicken coop. Iabot nako sa ida kaling nabilin nida nak raya. I will catch up to him and give him the things he left behind. Nakaabot ako it isra sa merkado. I arrived in time to get fish in the market. Naabutan nako sida hampig sa ospital. I caught up with him near the hospital. (sem. domains: - Arrive.) der. abot-abutan , der. paabot-abot

bahura [bahúra] 1n Obstacles on which ships run aground (as of sandbanks, rocky outcrops or reefs). Isot yang waya nakita tong bahura ruto sa may Corcuera hampig. We almost missed seing the reef near Corcuera. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Island, shore.) 2v To run aground on sand, rocks or a reef. Karugay kami makaabot sa amo destino dahil kami ay nabahura sa tunga it yawor. We took a long time to arrive at our destination because we ran aground in the middle of the ocean. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Island, shore.)

bakuyor₂ [bakúyor] n A rolling plain, hill, slight rise. bulubundokin Kag inra bayay ay hagto hampig sa bakuyor. Their house is located on a rolling plain. (sem. domains: - Plain, plateau.)

banlas [bánlas] 1n Landslide; avalanche. guhò syn: as-as, hanlas 2, yanras. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 2vbt To have a landslide, avalanche. banlas Nagbanlas kag baguntor hampig sa inra bayay. The hill near their house had a landslide. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

rumog₁ [rúmog] To wrestle. nagbuno Nagrumog sina Ping ag Pong hampig sa baybay. Ping and Pong wrestled on near the sea shore.

sobsob₂ [sóbsob] 11.1adj Bent forwards; down in front. 1.2vi To be bent forwards; to be too heavy in front (as of old person bending over, a boat overloaded at the front, or sinking prow first). Nagsusobsob kag maguyang. The old person is bending forwards. Nagsusobsob kag lantsa dahil puno-puno hampig sa pruwa. The launch is down in front because the prow is too full. 1.3vbt To fall forwards, head first Asobsoban kag semento it yango. The drunk man fell forwards onto the cement. Nagsusobsob kag yango. The drunk man is falling forwards. 22.1n Absorbed; concentrating. 2.2vi To concentrate hard; to be too absorbed in a task; to be serious, intent about something. sobsob Nagsusobsob sida adlaw ag gab-i sa ida trabaho. She concentrates hard on her work day and night. syn: minatuor, ungor-ungor 1, seryuso.

tabo₃ [tábò] 1vi To join up; to meet (as of people meeting, rivers joining up, pieces of timber joining together). kita Nagtabo kag ragat ag sapa pag-inuyan. The sea and the river joined up when it rained heavily. Matabo ako kang Rosa sa inro hampig. I will meet Rosa near your place. (sem. domains: 7.2.2 - Move in a direction.) 2vt To close up an opening; to join things together (as of bringing, putting, joining things together e.g. stitching up an opening or tear in cloth, or joining pieces of timber together at a certain point). Ingtabo it doktor kag imo ing-operahan. The doctor stitched up the place where you had the operation. Atabuon nida kag nagisi nak baro nida. She will stitch up her torn dress. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) der. atabuan , der. patabo

uyanon [uyánon] (der. of uyan) n Dark rain clouds (as of often seen over the mountains etc.). dagím Abang rako kag uyanon hampig sa bukir. The rain cloud on the mountain side is so enormous. (sem. domains: - Cloud, - Rain.)

yápar [yápar] 1n Width (as of roads, rooms, flat land). Kag yapar it ida sinturon ay limang sentimetros. The width of her belt is five centimeters. 2adj Wide. malapad, maluang Mayapar kag inra kanidugan. Their coconut grove is wide. syn: liway 1. 3vt To widen; to make more spacious. Ingpayapar ka rayan hampig sa Salingsing. The road near Salingsing was widened.