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hanggang [hanggáng] 1prep Until (as of pre-span-end time). hanggang Nagtiner ako ruto hanggang Lunes. I stayed there until Monday. 2conj Until when something happens. Ingbuyar ninra sa adlaw hanggang mauga. They dried it in the sun until dry. (sem. domains: - Until.) 3conj While (as of simultaneous events). Indi ako magbakay hanggang nagbibisaya ikaw. I won’t buy while you are talking. Hanggang waya pa sinra it sarili nak bayay dili maistar sinra sa amo. While they still don’t have a house of their own here they will live at our place. Mabisaya ako hanggang indi sida magbakay. I will talk until she buys it (lit: ‘I will talk while she does not buy). syn: miyentras, habang, hastang 2, samantalang. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time.) 4conj As long as something is happening. Hanggang nagtatrabaho sida waya ako’t mabibisaya. As long as he does the work I have no objection. (sem. domains: - Markers of transition, 3.3 - Want, - Speak with others.) 5conj Unless (as of unfulfilled condition giving rise to an unfulfilled result). Hanggang waya’t kwarta si Rosa, indi kita makakasuyor sa sine. Unless Rosa has some money we won’t be able to go to the movies. (sem. domains: - Condition.)

hanggang dili yangey [hanggáng díli yangéy] idiom - Convert to subentry That’s all I have to say; I’ll close now; farewell (as in ending a letter). Hanggang dili yangey kag ako gustong ipaabot sa inro. That’s just all I have to say to all of you. (sem. domains: - Listen.)

hanggang rili yang [hánggang ríli yang] adj This is the end! as when exasperated (lit. until here only). hanggang dito lang (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

hastang [hástang] (irreg. infl. astang) conj 1Until; up to (as of time or a certain situation occurs). hanggang Ya gitungon tong anak it uwang hastang waya gitaw-an tong ida ginghahagar nak idamuan. That child would not stop crying until he was given the toy he wanted. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time.) 2While (as of simultaneous events). Hastang mainit pa kag sabaw ay maado gihigupon. While the soup is still hot it’s good to drink. syn: miyentras, habang, samantalang, hanggang 3. (sem. domains: 8.4.5 - Relative time.)

kutob₂ [kútob] 1prep Up to specific time, point, place; until. hanggang Hinaey sida kutob sa pitsa diyes. He was there up to the 10th. Kutob sa Romano yang ka amo natatapos nak libro. We’ve only finished the books up to Romans. Hariin kutob kag baha sa bayay? Up to what part of the house has the flood reached? (sem. domains: - Until.) 2adj To top a tree until a certain point. (sem. domains: - Growing trees.)

taga-tuhor₂ [taga-túhor] loc Up to the knee; knee level. hanggang tuhod Taga-tuhor kag baha The flood is at knee level.

tobtob [tóbtob] 1loc The place reached so far. hanggang Kag inra ingpagtuan ay tobtob yang sa munisipyo. The place they’ve reached so far is the municipal hall. (sem. domains: - Drive along.) 2vbt To reach a certain point, portion, part or place; to get as far as somewhere. hanggang Nagnunot ako sa “Alay lakad” ugaling ay kag nagtobtobey ako kina Hamen akoy nagpabilin. I joined the “walkatkon” but when I got as far as Hamen I stayed behind. der. katobtoban

habang [hábang] conj While (as of simultaneous events). habang Habang nagtatrabaho si Juan, nagkakanta sida. While John works he sings. syn: miyentras, hastang 2, samantalang, hanggang 3. (sem. domains: - At the same time.)

miyentras [miyéntras] (irreg. infl. miyentras tanto) conj While; meanwhile (as of simultaneous events). habang Nag-iidamo ka mga anak miyentras nagbubunak si Nanay. The children play while mother washes the clothes. Adar-on kinang payay nak nakabutang sa kostal sa bayay ag ahipiron miyentras tantong waya natatapos ka anihon. We take the rice which has been put in bags to the house and store it while the harvesting is not finished. syn: habang, hastang 2, samantalang, hanggang 3. comp. miyentras malip-ot kag tamong, matuon ka it pagbalikutot

samantalang₂ [samantálang] conj While. Nagpapanursi sida it mga gising baro samantalang katuyog pa kag anak. She is mending the wornt out clothes while the baby is still asleep. syn: miyentras, habang, hastang 2, hanggang 3.

bibiron [bibirón] 1n Baby bottle. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.) 2v To bottle-feed a baby. gatas sa bote Ingbibiron nida kag anak hanggang magruhang tuig it idad. She bottle-fed the child until she became two years old. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)

duga [dúgà] n 1Liquid from all parts of plants (as of sap from the stems, leaves and juice from the fruit etc.). dagtâ Indi mabaoy kag duga it yud-a hanggang indi nimo giyata-on anay bago pugaon. The sap of the ginger can’t be removed without crushing it first and squeezing it later. syn: tagok 2. (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 2To run, flow with liquid from any part of a plant (as of sap from the stems, leaves and juice from the fruit etc.). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)

habagat [habágat] n The monsoon wind that blows from the S-SW usually in the months of July-October; south wind. habagat Pag buyan it Hulyo hanggang October ay tig habagatey. Comes July to October are the months for winds that blows from s-sw. (sem. domains: - Wind.) comp. bandang habagatan

kanaway [kanáway] n The Easterly monsoon. habagat Hagto sa Odiongan ay perming makusog sa buyan it hunyo hanggang Octobre dahil sa huyop it kanaway nak hangin. In Odiongan the sea is always rough from months of June to October because of the eastwest wind. (sem. domains: - Source (of movement), - North, south, east, west, - Wind.)

kayado₃ [kayádo] n 1Fire; flame. apoy dg BF 7-85 Asuyungan kag kayado it rabok hanggang makayuto. Firewood will be put in the fire until food can be cooked. Waya nida napayong kag kayado. She wasn’t able to put out the fire. (sem. domains: - Light source, 8.3.4 - Hot, 5.5 - Fire.) 2Flame. Nagrayab nak nagrayab kag kayado sa abuhan. The flame on the fire place for cooking became bigger and bigger. (sem. domains: 5.5.1 - Light a fire, 5.5.7 - Fireplace, 5.5 - Fire.)

kunsumo [kunsúmo] 1sta To be consumed. Nakunsumo tong ingbakay nak bugas. The rice that we bought is already consumed. 2vt To use; to consume. konsumo Nagkunsumo kami it sobra sa ruhang kilong isra kada semana. We consume more than 2 kilos of fish every week. Ahipiron sa bayay kinang amo payay para kunsumo ray namo it ako pamilya hanggang sa masunor nak ani. I store our rice in the house for my family to consume until the next harvest.

larga₁ [lárga] 1vi To embark; to set sail; to go on a journey (usually by boat); to travel (usually over water). paaalisin Sauno ikaw malarga? When will you leave? Apalargahon si Jane it ida nanay pa-Manila insulip. Jane’s mother will let her travel to Manila tomorrow. (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.) 2vbt To allow to continue without restriction; to loosen an article or clothing. Inglargahan nako kag ako iro it pakaon it isra hanggang nakaubos it sampuyong bilog. I allowed my dog to continue eating fish until he consumed ten pieces. Largahi kag imo sinturon agor makakahingab ka it maado. Loosen your belt so you can breathe well.

maayam₂ [maáyam] adj Practical. marunong Si Ana ay naging maayam sa buhay nak waya giasawa hanggang waya nakatapos. Ana was just being practical in life because she didn’t marry before finishing college.

nayagong kag boses [nayágong kag bóses] idiom - Convert to subentry Voice breaks (as of a boy). umiba ang boses Pag-abot it mga katorse hanggang kinse anyos kag usang kayaki ay nayagong kag boses. If a boy reaches the age of fourteen to fifteen his voice breaks.

paaray [pa-áray] (der. of aray) v 1To put somebody through school (as of paying the tuition fees and expenses). paaral Gingpaaray sida it ida ninong hanggang makatapos it abugasya. His godfather sent him to school until he finished law. (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School.) 2To make, enable somebody to study something. (sem. domains: - Study.)

payutay [payútay] adj Enjoy some activity right to the end (as of dancing, strolling, playing cards). bigay hilig Payutay gador it bayli sina Ursel hanggang mag-aga. Ursel and company really enjoyed dancing right up until morning.

ramay₁ [rámay] vbt 1To attend a wake; to mourn with relatives by visiting home to view dead and give money. lamay Inglamayan ninra kag minatay hanggang alas kwatro sa aga. They guarded the dead person until four in the morning. (sem. domains: - Mourn.) 2To stay up late at night; to stay up doing something. Naglamay kami it istorya it gab-i. We stayed up late talking last night. Inglamayan nako kag trabaho it gab-i. I worked on my work until late at night last night. syn: hanagob 1, puka 2.1. (sem. domains: 5.7.1 - Go to sleep.)

rayan₁ [ráyan] 11.1n Path; trail; road. 1.2vbt To pass by; to come by to pick somebody/something up; to visit, call on somebody as one passes by. daán Nagrayan kami sa inra bayay. We passed by their house. Arayanan ka nako bag-o mag alas kwatro. I’ll come by to pick you up before four o’clock. 1.3adv After (the passing of time or an event). Pagkarayan it tatlong adlaw, nagbalik ray sida sa Manila. After three days had passed he returned again to Manila. 22.1n Way. 33.1vbt To experience something; to have experienced a sickness. Waya pa nako narayani magsugay hanggang aga. I haven’t yet experienced gambling until morning. Narayananey nida kinang sakit nak tipos. She has already experienced being sick with typhoid. 44.1n Ways of reaching, achieving a goal. Si Mani ay nagsunor it rayan sa politika it ida Lolo. Mani followed the way his grandfather became a politician.

rudan₂ [rúdan] 1n A swing (made of wood); a hammock (often used as a child’s craddle) hung by opposite ends. duyan Ida ingbubutang anay sa rudan kag anak agor makakatuyog. She first puts the baby in the hammock so that he’ll fall asleep. 2vt To put a child in a hammock (rudan); to swing or rock a child in a hammock. Inarudan kag anak it ida yaya hanggang matuyugan. The child is rocked in the hammock by his nurse until he falls asleep.

sikap [síkap] v Endeavour; effort; ambition. Sa amo pagsisikap nak mag-asawa ay kinang amo mga anak ay amo napaestudyo hanggang sa nakatapos sinra. It was our endeavour as a couple that we would give our children an education until they had completed school. syn: tinguha.
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