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hanraan [hanrá-an] (der. of hanra) n Party; celebration. (sem. domains: - Crowd, group, - Celebrate.)

gulo [guló] 1n Trouble; noise; commotion. 2adj Noisey. 3vi To be disturbed; disrupted. gulo Nagulo kag inra hanraan dahil maramo kag mga yango roto. Their celebration was disrupted because there were many drunk men there. 4vt To cause trouble; to make a commotion; to disturb. Sabaling agulohon kita it ato kayungot nak buko nato kilaya. We might be disturbed by our neighbor that isn’t our friend. Naggulo kag mga anak tong paidamo sa amo. The children caused trouble when there was a game in our place. syn: away 1. (sem. domains: - Hate, detest.) der. mapanggulo

kahangit [kahángit] (fr. var. mahangit) (der. of hangit) n 1Long felt grudge, hatred, anger, bitterness towards somebody. kagalit Karako kag ida kahangit sa ida maestra dahil ingkunit sida. He’s got much bitterness towards his teacher because she pinched him. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) 2Enemy; antagonist; somebody with whom one has a feud, anger, hatred. Indi ako magpagto sa ida hanraan dahil kahangit nako kag ida manghor. I won’t attend their party because her sister is my enemy. (sem. domains: - Enemy, - Do evil to.)

kurso₁ [kúrso] vi To have diarrhea. pagtataé Nagkurso sida paghalin sa hanraan. She had diarrhea after coming from the party.

lusob [lúsob] 11.1vt To attack; to invade; to raid (as of robbers). lusob Alusubon ka’t imo nakaaway isag sa gab-i. You’ll be attacked tonight by the one whom you fought with. 22.1vt To attend something as a group (as of a party, a movie). Alusubon kali nak hanraan it ato mga amigo. Our friends will attend in this party.

pagbulig-buligan [pagbulig-buligán] (der. of bulig) n/ger Cooperation; cooperating; being cooperative; helping eachother (as of in a certain activity). bayaníhan Nagbubulig-buligan sinra pag di hanraan sa inra lugar. They cooperate when there’s a party in their place. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.)

puros [púros] vbt To wrap something up. bálot Apurusan ka nako it suya paghalin nako sa hanraan. I will wrap up some food for you when I come back from the party. syn: balot 2.

sulit₁ [súlit] 1sta To be compensated for; to be equal to: to be recovered (ie: expenses for something). sulit Nasulit ra kag ako pilay it maadong hanraan. My tiredness was compensated for by the good party. Nasulit kag ida gastos it ida binta. Her sales were equal to her expenses. 2vt To make sure that ones efforts, expenses are recovered or compensated for. Asuliton nako kag ako gastos it tinrahan. I’ll make sure that my expenses in my store are recovered.

suyok [suyók] (dial. var. tidok) adv Very greedy because of hunger. matakaw Kahuhuda ka baga ginunot sa hanraan dahil paysuyok ka gikaon. It’s very shameful to bring you to a gathering because you eat greedily. syn: sakim, hakog 1, maismot, kagor 2, hangoy.

usoy [úsoy] vt To gossip; to be gossiped about or talked about. pinag-uusapan Sida yang it ing-uusoy sa banwa tungor ruto sa ida hanraan. She was the one talked about in town regarding her party. syn: tsismis 1, somsoman 2.2.