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hapslip [hápslip] n Halfslip; petticoat; undergarment to cover below a woman's waist. panloob Kailangan nimong magsoksok it hapslip dahil kanipis kinang imo baro. It is necessary for you to wear a halfslip because your dress is very thin. (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.)

bakat [bakát] adj Visible through something (as of one's underwear being able to be seen under an intervening thin, transparent fabric, object). náaaninag Soksok it hapslip dahil abang bakat kag imo panti sa manipis nak baro. You wear a halfslip because your underwear is very visible through your thin dress. (sem. domains: - Transparent.)

lihim [líhim] 1n Secret. 2adj Transparent. silang Myra mahuyam anay it hapslip nak pay abang lihim kaling ako baro. Myra, please let me use the halfslip because it looks like this dress of mine is too transparent. syn: silag 1. 3vbt To keep things secret; to keep things from somebody. lihim Ilihim yang kali nato sa ida. We will just keep this a secret from her.