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atubangan [atubángan] (der. of atubang) 1n Front of somebody or something (as of the front of one's body or the front of a building). harapán (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.) 2loc The area in front of something; opposite with no obstacle between (as of the front yard of a house, at the front of a church before the altar, a building across the road from somewhere). katapát Kag inra bayay ay sa atubangan it sinehan. Their house is opposite a moviehouse. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)

atubangan likor kilir [atubángan likór kílir] id On all sides; front back and sides; all around; surrounded by (as of an architect describing a building or its surroundings). [lit: front back side] harapán likod gilid Kag inra atubangan likor ag kilir it bayay ay puno it magagandang mga buyak. All sides of their house are full of beautiful flowers. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)

hantaran [hantáran] adv Brazenly. harap-harapan Kag paghakot ninra it kahoy ay hantaran nak ingpapakita sa tawo. Their gathering of wood is done brazenly in the sight of people. (sem. domains: - Ashamed, - In front of.)

harapan [harápan] (der. of harap) loc Facing each other. (sem. domains: - In front of.)

ingpapakita sa atubangan [ingpapakita sa atubángan] id Openly, brazenly let some action be seen (as of sin). harapang pagpapakita Kada kaaway kag inra mga anak ay ingpapakita sa atubangan ninra kag inra pag-inaway. The reason why their children always quarrel is that they also openly let them see them fighting. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - Ashamed, - Obscenity.)

una₂ [úna] 1first 1.1nmrl First. una, kauna-unahan Una nak anak sida. He’s the first child. syn: primero. 22.1vbt To be or go first; to put or do something first; to be ahead of others. Ing-una nako it bunak kag ida baro. I washed her clothes first. Aunahan nako sida it bakay it tiket. I’ll be ahead of her in buying the tickets. Igwa’t naunaey nak nagtrato it karne sa amo. There was already someone who was first in taking our order of meat. 2.2vi To cause or allow something to be taken first; to let somebody get, do, know something first or beforehand. inuna, nag-unahan Ingpaunahan nako sa mga anak kag dulse. I’ll let the children see who can get the candy first. Nagpaunahan kami it rayagan. We tried to be first in the race. Ingpaunahan nako it bisaya sida nak indi ako makapali. I let her know beforehand that I wouldn’t come. 33.1loc Front. unahan, harapan Sa unahan it linya sida gitinrog. She stood at the front of the line. 44.1vbt To lead somebody or something. nanguna Ingpangunahan nida kag pagkanta. He led the singing. Ingpapangunahan kami it Balaan nak Espiritu. We are led by the Holy Spiritu. 55.1vt To make the first payment on something that is being purchased on an installment basis. pinaunahan, nagdeposito Ingpaunahan nako it badar kag ako radyo. I made the first payment on my radio. comp. paunang badar , der. ka-una-unahan , der. pauna