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hawir₁ [háwir] 1n Copy; receipt. kopya Igwa sida it hawir nak resibo it koryente. He has a copy of the electricity receipt. sim: abaya 3, ungan-ungan. (sem. domains: - Copy, - Pay, - Publish, - Imitate.) 2vt To hold, cling to; to keep something in your possession, presence; retain something; compel, insist that someone stays longer; detain somebody (who intended to leave). ilalaan Pagpamuhon it ako amigo nak mapauli wayaey nako sida gihawiri. When my friend asked permission to go home I didn’t keep him any longer. Ahawiran nako kaling isra sa imo. I will keep this fish for you. (sem. domains: - Visit.) 3n Name of the left hand side rope on a fishing net (as of the one being pulled when facing towards the net). comp. bali hawir , der. panghawir

abaya [abáya] 1n Late-comer (as of a nickname for somebody who is always late.) (sem. domains: - Delay.) 2adj Late, delayed, postponed, held up, detained. huli Permi sidang abaya magbadar sa iwag. She’s always late in paying for the light. (sem. domains: - Delay.) 3vt To delay, keep somebody late. Aabayahon sida nako sa ida trabaho. I will keep her from her work. Naabaya ako it pag-abot dahil nag-istoryahan pa kami it tong ako amiga. I was delayed in arriving because I was still chatting with my friend. sim: hawir 1, ungan-ungan; Syn: atraso 1. (sem. domains: - Delay.) der. maabaya

ungan-ungan [ungan-úngan] vbt To postpone something; to delay something; to wait for something. paliban, nag-antay-antay Nagpaungan-ungan sinra it pagmiting dahil apila pa kag tawo. They postponed the meeting because there were still few people. Ingpaungan-ungan kag inra pagpauli sa probinsya. Their going home to the province was postponed. Aya gipaungan-ungan sa inro pagpanaw. Don’t delay your coming. Maungan-ungan anay ako dili nak sabaling mag-abot kag isra. I’ll just wait here because maybe the fish will arrive. sim: hawir 1, abaya 3.