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amin-Hesus [amín-Hesús] dial. var. of bibig

hesus [Hesús] prop Jesus. Jesús (Hesus) (sem. domains: 4.9.1 - God, - Sacred writings.)

bibig [bibíg] (dial. var. amin-Hesus) n Lips of a person. lábì (sem. domains: - Mouth.) comp. bibig-bibig

aliluya [alilúya] 1excl Hallelujah; Alleluja. Nagkanta it aliluya kag mga anak pagsuyor ni Hesus sa Herusalem. The children sang hallelujah to Jesus when he entered Jerusalem. [This means "praise God" in Hebrew.] (sem. domains: - Worship.) 2v To sing praises to God; to sing hallelujah. Halleluyah (sem. domains: - Worship.)

ampo [ámpò] 1n Prayer; praying. Mahaba kag inra ampo tong gab-i. They said a long prayer last night. (sem. domains: - Pray.) 2vbt To kneel and pray. manalangin Nagpinang-ampoey kag mga tawo kay Hesus tong mag-uyan it todo-todo. The people knelt and prayed fervently to Jesus when rain poured heavily. Mag-ampo kita it waya’t pagtungon. We should pray unceasingly. syn: pangamuyo, rasay 1, rasay 2. (sem. domains: - Pray, 7.1.4 - Kneel.) 3vbt To kneel and show one is sorry for doing wrong. It also shows submission and willingness to obey one's elders. (sem. domains: 7.1.4 - Kneel, - Sorry.)

larlar₁ [lárlar] v To spread out somewhere. ladlad Inglarlar it mga tawo kag inra mga yamit sa arayanan ni Hesus tong magsuyor sida sa Jerusalem. The people spread out their clothes on Jesus' way when he entered Jerusalem.

manog-pamatuor [mánog-pamatúor] n Witness. katibayan, taga-patunay, testigo Usa si Jairo sa mga manog-pamatuor sa kagahuman ni Hesus. Jairo is one of the witnesses on the power of Jesus. Sida kag manog-pamatuor nak si Mamay Manay ay gingholdap. She is the witness that Mother Manay was held up.

panabat₂ [panabát] (der. of sabat) vbt 1To answer; to hold accountable to one’s promise, word; to be responsible for somebody, something that happens to somebody. pananagutan Atugutan ka nako magpamista sa Linao pero indi ako magpanabat kung nio man kag mangyari sa imo hagto. I’ll permit you to attend the fiesta in LInao but I can’t answer for whatever will happen to you there. Sin-o kag imo apapanabaton it imo plete? Who will answer for your fare? Si Hesus kag nagpanabat ag nagranas it ato mga kasalanan. Apanabtan nida kag ida pangako sa ako. I will hold him accountable for his promise to me. (sem. domains: - Promise.) 2To answer back (as of to ones elders). (sem. domains: - Answer.)

parabula [parabulá] n A parable. parabula Kag parabula ni Hesus ay tungkol sa usang Samaritano. One of Jesus’ parables is about the good Samaritan.

sampugoy [sampúgoy] vt To stop something. hinto Ingsampugoy ni Hesus kag mga ragkong humbak ag nagkalma kag ragat. Jesus stopped the big waves and the sea calm down.

siksik₃ [síksik] v To move, slip unnoticed through a crowd (as of a pickpocket who doesn’t want to be seen). siksik Sida ay nagsiksik it maado para makaabot kang Jesus ag sida ay nag-ado paghudot sa gadar it baro ni Hesus. She moved unnoticed so as to get near to Jesus and was healed when she touched the hem of Jesus’ robe.

talinghaga [talinghágà] adj Figurative speech; picturesque speech; expressive speech (as of older people). Kag mga bisaya ni Hesus ay puro matalinghaga. The speech of Jesus is full of figures.

tubos [tubós] vt 1To redeem, obtain the release of something, somebody with a certain payment; to redeem something for somebody (as of obtaining a license, regaining a mortgaged, pawned object, and the release of a captive, hostage or prisoner of war. The payment may be money, property or anything of value). tubos Atubuson nako tong kulintas nak ako ingsangla sa ida. I’ll redeem the necklace that I pawned to her. Atubusan ka nako it lisensya’t biseklita. I’ll get a bicycle license for you. Nabaton namo kag kwartang itutubos it amo duta. We received the money that will be used to redeem our land. Natubos kita ni Hesus sa ato mga kasal-anan. We were redeemed by Jesus from our sins. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Exchange, trade, - Pardon, release.) 2To redeem, obtain the release of a person spiritually with a certain payment (as of a person in spiritual bondage. The payment is through faith in Christ’s blood). (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Salvation.) der. itubos , der. manunubos , der. pagtubos , der. pangtubos