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hidlon [hídlon] 1adj Dry throat. uhaw (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva, - Mouth.) 2vi To have difficulty swallowing because the food is all dry (as after eating dry food and needing water to drink); to desire liquid for a dry throat. To feel something is very hard to swallow. Nahidlonan sida sa ida paning-ugto nak puro uga-uga. She had difficulty in swallowing all the dry food she has for lunch. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.)

mahidlon [mahidlón] adv Food goes down wrong way; to swallow something the wrong way. parang nabulunan Mahidlon tong ida gingkaon nak batag. The banana she ate went down the wrong way.