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higop [hígop] 1vbt To drink either from a cup or by using a spoon (as in eating soup); to suck a liquid up; to sip a liquid. higop Ida inghihigop kag sabaw sa hungot. She is drinking the soup in the coconut dipper. (sem. domains: - Drink.) 2v To devour, as of a python which covers its prey in saliva and sucks it up. (sem. domains: - Animal eating.) 3vt To be sucked up into a tornado. Ahigupon sida it buháwi. She will be sucked up into a tornado. Nagpapanghigop it tawo kag buhawi. Tornados suck people up into them. (sem. domains: - Wind.)

rimrim [rímrim] vbt To sip something noisily to taste it. hígop Arimriman anay nimo tong abakyon nak tuba kung katam-is. You first sip a little of the coconut wine to see if it’s sweet. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating.)

pabahaw [pabáhaw] (der. of Ebahobahaw) vi To let, make food, drinks get cool (as by stirring, blowing on them, placing them in water or letting them sit). lamig Ingpabahaw kag sabaw agor mahihigop it anak. The soup was made to cool so it can be drunk by the child. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Cold.)