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himbis [hímbis] 1n Scales of fish; skin on the legs of poultry. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Fish.) 2vbt To scale a fish. kaliskís Inghimbisan nida kag isra. He scaled the fish. (sem. domains: - Remove shell, skin.)

yagtok₃ [yágtok] vi 1To soften when soaked in water (as of a mark on the floor, fish scales, rice). Nagyagtok kag ida inghu-om nak rukot it kinaydo. The burnt part of the cooked rice that she soaked in water, softened. (sem. domains: - Grind flour.) 2To soften something by soaking it in water. lambot Ako apayagtukon kag himbis it isra bag-o kaliskisan. I’ll let the fish scales softened in water before removing them. Apayaktokan nako’t bugas kag marakong planggana. I’ll let the rice soften in water on the big basin.