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hiwag [hiwág] 1vi To wag, as of a dog’s tail. Pag-abot nako ay naghihiwag kag ikog ni Brandy. When I arrived Brandy’s tail was wagging. syn: wilig-wilig. (sem. domains: 1.6.2 - Parts of an animal.) 2v To whine, cry, plead to go with someone, as of a child wanting to go with their mother. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want.)

wilig-wilig₂ [wilig-wilíg] vi To go, move from side-to-side; to zig-zag (as of a boat tipping from side-to-side, a dog waging it’s tail). iling-iling Ingwilig-wilig it iro kag ida ikog pagkakita sa ida amo. The dog wagged his tail from side-to-side when he saw his master. Nawilig-wilig pa kag ikog it israng kadadawi yang. The fish that was just caught is still wiggling its tail. Ingwilig-wilig ni Gail kag ida damot para makabuhi kag uning nak nakakagat. Gail shook her hand to get the cat off which was biting her. syn: hiwag 1. (sem. domains: - Move noisily.)