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pahiwatig [pahiwátig] 1n Signs. Pakita-i ra sida it pahiwatig nak imo ra sida gusto. Show him signs that you also like him. 2vt To show, demonstrate the meaning of something. pahiwatig Nagpapahiwatig yang nak kag Ginoo nak ato gingtutuohan ay buhi. It just shows that the God we are worshiping is a living God.

human [humán] vt To do; make; work. gawa Asing naghuman ka it bayay-bayay? Why did you make a play house? syn: himo, hiwat 1, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: 6.1.6 - Made by hand.) comp. inghuman it tawo , der. human-human

hiwat [híwat] vbt 1To hold, convene, put on an event (such as a meeting, party, etc). ginanap Inghiwat kag kasay ninra sa bag-ong simbahan. Their wedding was held at the new church. Waya sinra’t ibang inghihiwat kada adlaw kundi ay magpayawor. They have nothing else to do every day but to got out deep sea fishing. Kag M/V Fortuna ay perming inghihiwatan it sesyon it Sangguniang Bayan. The M/V Fortuna is where the Sanggunian Bayan always holds their sessions. syn: himo, human, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: 6.9.1 - Management, - Succeed, 6.9.2 - Work for someone, 9.1.2 - Do.) 2To do, perform a certain activity, task (as of weaving etc). 3To begin work, prepare, make a move on doing something.

himo [hímò] vt To make; to do or take action. gawa Inghimuan ako nida it basket. He made a basket for me. syn: hiwat 1, human, bisyo, hikot. (sem. domains: - Purpose, goal.) der. manoghimo it , id. himuong tinapay

hikot₁ [híkot] vt To do or work on something; to make; prepare. To prepare; work on something (specifically inside the house or in the kitchen). gawa Pag-abot nako sa inra, naghihikot sida it inra paning-ugto. When I arrived at their place, she was making their lunch. Waya sida’t inghihikot sa bayay kada nagpapamasyar sida sa ida mga amiga. She’s doing nothing at home so she visits her friends. syn: himo, hiwat 1, human, bisyo. (sem. domains: - Habit, 4.3 - Behavior.)

hariin [hari-ín] (irreg. infl. hiin) ques Where is there? (as of where something is located or exists). saan Hari-ín baga ikaw gitatrabaho? Where are you working? Hari-ín ahiwaton kag miting? Where will the meeting be held? Hari-ín ikaw pag-abot nako? Where were you when I arrived? [This question word is answered by rahalí "is-here", rahinâ "is-there-near, rahagtó "is-there-far" where things "are" located e.g. rahinâ sa bayáy "is-there-near in the house.] (sem. domains: 8.5 - Location, - Question words.) comp. aber hariin , comp. aber hariing lupalop

bisyo₁ [bísyo] v To take a certain action, make, do something to solve a problem or cope with a situation. bisyo Kag ida gingbisyo ay maado sa mata it Diyos ag sa mata it tawo. He did well in God’s eyes and in man’s eyes. syn: himo, hiwat 1, human, hikot. (sem. domains: - React, respond.)