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huygo [húygo] vi To participate, indulge in vices, bad habits, activities (as of gambling, drinking, smoking). sugal Kag amo kayungot ay waya’t ginghuhuman kundi maghuygo. Our neighbour he’s nothing to do except indulge his vices. Narakop si Bulog nak naghuhuygo kana Ebing. Bulog was caught gambling at Ebing’s place. syn: bisyo 1. (sem. domains: - Gambling, 6.8.9 - Dishonest financial practices, - Game, - Extort money, - Card game.) der. huyguhan

bisyo₂ [bísyo] 1n Bad habit, custom, vice, way of doing things (as of harmful or bad actions). bisyo Talaga sigurong bisyoy nida nak maghuygo adlaw-adlaw. I guess it’s really his custom to do his vices every day. [This is from the English "vice".] syn: huygo. (sem. domains: - Habit, - Bad.) 2v To habitually do bad things, have bad habits (as of gambling, drinking alcohol, smoking, womanizing, stealing etc.). (sem. domains: - Habit, - Bad.) der. bisyuso

numat₂ [númat] v To gain, get something out of an activity, something. Kada ano nimo it trabaho kung kag imo kwarta ay ihuygo yangra ay waya ra gihapon it manunumat sa inro pangabuhi. If you just gamble away all the money the result of what work you do will still be no better and there will be no gain in your way of life. id. wayat manunumat