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abi-abi [abi-ábi] vt To greet someone. bati Nag-aabi-abi si Pastor it mga bag-ong miyembro it simbahan. Pastor is greeting the new members of the church. syn: bati. (sem. domains: - Greet.) der. maabi-abihon , der. paabi-abi

amat-amat [amat-ámat] (der. of amat) 1adv Little by little; gradually. paunti-unti, inot-inot syn: inot-inot 2. (sem. domains: - Slow.) 2v To do something little-by-little, gradually. paunti-unti Maamat-amatey kami it human it bayay habang waya pa it anak. We will start little by little in building a house while we don’t have a child yet. (sem. domains: - Slow.)

ariarian [ari-arí-an] (der. of ari) n Belongings; possessions. arí-arian syn: pag-aari, propriyedad. (sem. domains: - Possession, property.)

ariey [ari-éy] (comp. of ari, ey) n Spoken for; reserved for somebody (as of a personal belonging, possession claimed by somebody when sharing an inheritance). ari-arian Kaling lamesa ay ariey ni Manny. This table is a personal possession of Manny. (sem. domains: - Possession, property.)

ati-atihan [ati-atíhan] (der. of ati) n A display of street dancing by people dressed as negritos with blackened skin, painted skin designs with grass and coconut clothing. [This is performed by groups of people with blackened skin and native grass or woven costumes, who take part in the parade during the annual fiesta. It originated on the island of Panay just to the south of the Bantoanon or Asi language area.] (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.)

bali-bali [bali-balî] (der. of bali) 1adj Broken in many places, pieces; broken repeatedly, many times. Waya nabuhi tong anak nak nahuyog sa nidog dahil bali-bali kag ida yawas. Her child didn’t survive when it fell on the coconut tree because his body was broken in many places. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 2v To break in many places, pieces; to break repeatedly, many times. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 3adj Crooked; out of alignment Balingag ag ida ngisi. Her tooth is crooked. (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping.) 4adj Foolish, silly ideas. Perming away tong magmanghor dahil balingag kag isip it tong maguyang. Those brothers are always quarreling because the older one always has silly ideas. (sem. domains: - Stupid.) der. pabali-bali

bali-waya [bali-wayâ] (comp. of bali8, waya) 1adj Of no account, has no value; valueless; useless. (sem. domains: - Useless, - Value.) 2v To devalue, not value, treat as of no value, useless; to disregard. (sem. domains: - Useless, - Value.)

bangi-bangi [bangi-bángì] n Crab species which is a small orange and brown, inedible marine crab with one large and one small claw. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

bebi-meyker [bebi-méyker] (irreg. infl. beybi-meyker) n Surrogate mother (as of a couple having children by the husband impregnating a surrogate for money, the child will then belong to the couple who contracted for this). [English lit: baby maker] palahian Si Ditas ay baby-maker dahil sida ay palahian it anak it mag asawang waya it anak. Ditas is a baby-maker because she bears the children to perpetuate families of couples who have no children. (sem. domains: - Adopt, - Related by birth.)

beybi-meyker [béybi-méyker] irreg. infl. of bebi-meyker

bini-binihon [bini-binihón] dial. var. of ninya-ninyahon

buko permi-permi [bukô permi-pérmi] (comp. of buko, permi) id Occasionally; sometimes; not all the time. [lit: not always-always] (sem. domains: - Interval.)

bungoy-bunguyan [bungoy-bungúyan] (der. of bungoy) v To ignore, disregard, turn a deaf ear to something. bingi-bingihan Ingpabungoy-bungoyan yang ni Ana kag tugra it ida mga maguyang. Ana just ignored the advice of her parents. (sem. domains: - Ignore.)

busi-si [busí-sì] n Fruit species; berry with a purple flower. syn: kulit. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)

butsi-butsi [butsi-bútsi] n Cream coloured cassava balls filled with mongo beans or sweet coconut that are steamed. (sem. domains: - Food from plants, - Cooking methods.)

dali-dali [dali-dalî] dial. var. of rali-rali, rali

esti-esti [esti-ésti] v To put up a fuss, tantrum, turn, before accepting anything. Tong ida anak ay napaesti-esti anay bag-o kumaon. Her child puts up a fuss before eating. (sem. domains: - Reject.)

gilhi-gilhi [gilhi-gílhi] n Mortice, as of the hole or notch cut out of any item to fit with corresponding piece. (sem. domains: - Wood.)

guni-guni [guni-gúni] n All in your head; only psychological; going over and over in one’s mind. Indi si Fred matuyugan nak permi yang sa ida guni-guni kag pagpatay sa ida asawa. Fred can’t sleep because the killing of his wife is always just going over and over in his mind. (sem. domains: - Dazed, confused, 2.1.1 - Head.)

habig-habig [habig-habíg] (der. of habig) id Off the street (as of a mongrel dog or a person with no real status in society e.g. “any old bloke”). tabi-tabi Napuyot nako tong usang iro sa habig-habig. I just picked up the dog off the street. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search, - Attention, 2.3.1 - See, 7.6.2 - Find, - Arm, - Look.)

hali-o [halí-o] irreg. infl. of hali

haras-haras [haras-harás] 1adv Messy; done quickly; poorly done or made. dali-dali Marali nak nasira katong kuray dahil haras-haras kag pagkahuman. The fence was easily destroyed because it was poorly done. (sem. domains: - Untidy.) 2adj Careless person. (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Untidy.) 3vt To do something poorly or quickly or carelessly. To rush, be too fast doing something; to be careless in doing something. Ingharas-haras nida it raya kag mga pinggan kada nagkahuyog. She handled the plates carelessly so she dropped them all. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)

hi-in [hi-ín] sp. var. of riin

himali-mali [himali-máli] (irreg. infl. sinali-sali) irreg. infl. of sinali-sali

huli-an [huli-án] n The base of the skull at the back (as of the hollow spot where the skull joins the backbone). (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)