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ibaydo [ibáydo] (der. of baydo) n 1Something that will be given in exchange, barter for something (as of an "in kind" item). (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) 2To give, barter something in exchange, for something else (as of an "in kind" item). (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.)

baydo [báydo] vt To exchange, swap, barter one thing with another (as of in physical, financial or spiritual exchanges). palít Nagbayduhan sinra it ticket sa bapor. They exchange tickets for the ship. Nagbaydo ray kag abot it eroplano. The schedule for the airplanes arrival has again changed. Pwede baga nak ibaydo kag isra sa bugas? Can the fish be exchanged for rice? Abayduhan nako it manok kinang imo tiyo. I’ll exchange a chicken for your puppy. Ingbayduhan kag ida rungan it mga ingkanto. Her spirit was exchanged for that of the evil spirits. syn: tagaylo. (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) comp. bayduhan kita , der. ibaydo , der. kabaydo