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ibuyar [ibuyár] (der. of buyar) 1n Something to sun-dry, dry in the sun (as of grain, fish etc). (sem. domains: - Dry, - Steps in food preparation.) 2v To sundry, dry a certain thing in the sun (as of grain, fish etc). (sem. domains: - Dry, - Steps in food preparation.)

makunom₂ [makúnom] adj Overcast, dim; looks like rain; gloomy. madilim, makulimlim Waya kami gibuyar sa liwas it mga yamit dahil medyo makunom kag panahon. We didn’t hang our clothes outside because the weather seems overcast.

maranyong [marányong] (irreg. infl. mayanrong) adj Shady. madilim Hagto ni Lydia gibuyara tong ako baro sa maranyong nak lugar agor indig pus-aw. Lydia had my dress hung in the shady place so it won’t fade.

puso₁ [pusô] 1n Hair in a twisted knot, bun or caught into a tail, pigtails etc. (especially on the back or top of the head or neck. These twists of hair can be left plain or decorated with colored cloth ties, jewels, combs or nets etc.). tali (sem. domains: - Hairstyle.) 2v To twist, tie hair into a knot, bun or catch it back into a tail, up into pigtails etc.. tinali Kag tabako ay napusoey bago ibuyar. The tobacco leaves are twisted before it is dried. Ingpupuso ninra kag anit it mais nak ahumanon nak pamahiran. The husk of corn are twisted to be used as doormats. (sem. domains: - Plait hair.) 3n Ear, cob of corn or maize plants (as of one which is full of grain, kernels). (sem. domains: - Growing maize, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 4v To twist something, such as leaves, cloth or string to make mats etc.. (sem. domains: - Cordage.) comp. ingpakig-usa ka inra mga puso , comp. puso it mais