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igoy [ígoy] 1v To stunt, retard growth (as of plants). bansot Naigoyey rabuno kaling anak it kapapas-an it lugit. This boy had stunted growth just because of carrying sacks of copra. (sem. domains: - Decrease.) 2n The runt of a litter; stunted person; one who doesn't grow tall. (sem. domains: - Short, not long.)

paligoy-ligoy [paligoy-lígoy] n Beating around the bush; lots of frills and introductions; leading up to something in speech; flowery elaborations. Perming paligoy-ligoy sida mag-istorya sa tawo. She always beat the bush while telling stories to people.

danyos perwisyo [dányos perwísyo] (comp. of danyos, perwisyo) n A fine, restitution payment for damages, wrongdoing or shame caused to somebody (as of a payment to the victim of a crime or injury). [lit: restitution to-damage] danyos perwisyo Inghagaran si Digoy it danyos perwisyo dahil waya nida gipakasayi tong ida nasabakang kabadi. Digoy was obliged to pay a fine for causing such shame because he did not marry his pregnant girlfriend. (sem. domains: - Fine.)

kantero [kantéro] n Bricklayer who works with cement and lays bricks. Si Digoy kag matulin nak kantero sa Linao. Digoy is the fastest bricklayer in Linao. (sem. domains: - Expert, 6.5 - Working with buildings.)