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ihig₁ [íhig] To deceive somebody; to cheat somebody in a matter. api Aya gigpang-ihig it tawo dahil mayain kina sa mata it Dios. Don’t deceive people because its bad in God’s eyes. syn: rada 1, tuso 2.1. (sem. domains: - Unreliable, - Deceive.)

rada [rádà] 1n Cheating; deceit; dishonesty. Nagraog sinra dahil sa rada. They won because of dishonesty. syn: ihig, tuso 2.1. (sem. domains: - Deceive.) 2adj Dishonest; deceitful. Indi raha pwede kag mga marada nak mayog-idamo. Dishonest players are not included there. 3vbt To cheat somebody with something; to deceive somebody with something; to be dishonest to somebody. dáyà Nagrada sinra it pagbilang it balota tong eleksyon kada nagraog tong inra kandidato. They cheated in the counting of the ballots last election that’s why their candidate won.

tuso [túso] 11.1adj Clever; shrewd; cunning. Kung matuso si Amo ay mas matuso si Bao. If the monkey is clever, the turtle is more clever. 22.1v To cheat. Atusuhon pa nimo sida ay abang guyangey gani. You will still cheat her when she’s already too old. syn: ihig, rada 1.