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aber kag batong bantiling, mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi [abér kag batóng bantíling, mabúkà gihápon sa túyò it túbì] (comp. of bato, bantiling, bukâ, tuyo, tubi) say Persistence in even small things pays off. [lit: even the hardest stone, will still break with the dripping of water] Aber kag batong bantiling mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi.
Even the hardest stone will still be split apart by the dripping of water.
(sem. domains: - Determined, - Word.)

as-is₂ [ás-is] n The leaves are very hard and rough and are used for cleaning cooking utensils and scouring hard wood floors, stairs, windowsills, used also in place of sandpaper in polishing wood when sandpaper is not available. agosos Ficus Odorata (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant, 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub, 5.6 - Cleaning.)

atupiling [atupíling] n A severe pain in the head causing vomiting; migraine. sakit ng ulo Pag-inaabot sida’t atupiling ay nauwang sida. When a migraine strikes her she cries. (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

bahalaey sinra sa inra sariling kabuhi [bahála-ey sínra sa ínra saríling kabúhì] (comp. of bahala, ey, sarili, kabuhi) id They are responsible for themselves and for their own lives. [lit: it's-up-to them -to-be-responsible-for their own life] Bahalaey sinra sa inra sariling kabuhi pag sinra ay mag-asawa. They’re responsible for their own lives when they get married. (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

bantiling [bantíling] n Hard white or black marble-like stone that is described as living and growing all the time; quartz; flint. Kag inra bayay ay human sa bantiling kag mga ringring ag sayog. Their house is made of hard white stone walls and floor. (sem. domains: - Rock.) comp. aber kag batong bantiling, mabuka gihapon sa tuyo it tubi

batil₁ [batíl] dial. var. of galyon

batil₂ [batíl] n Ship, boat with a sail and no motor (as of a "tub-shaped" small ship with a mast and sail, used mainly for carrying cargo). batil, malaking bangka (sem. domains: - Boat.)

biling [bíling] v To hang, hang up, attach something so that it hangs down; to be hanging (as of curtains, a child in a hammock, potplants, lamps). sabit Ingbiling nida kag ako rayang basket sa kuyungan. She hung up the basket that I brought on the roof. (sem. domains: - Hang.) der. bilingan , der. pabiling

bilingan [bilingán] (der. of biling +) n Hook from which things are hung. (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building, 5.1 - Household equipment.)

bitin₁ [bítin] 1v To hang something from one point (as of Christmas decorations, bunch of bananas or a slaughtered animal). pabiling, bitin, sabit Nagbitin sida it abitan sa suyor. She hang up the baby hammock inside. Ibitin anay nimo kag regalo sa krismas tree. Please hang the gift on the Christmas tree. Ingbitin nida kag manok kada namatay. She hung up the chicken (by its legs) so it died. Ibitin it huwág kag nakabiling nak basket. Hang up the hanging basket by the rattan. Ibitin kag higot it batag. Hang up the bananas by the tie. (sem. domains: - Hang.) 2sta (fig) To be curtailed, cut short, left hanging, suspended (as of an activity e.g. sleep, speech or a party). Nahangit ka mga anak dahil nabitin ka inra pabayli. The children were mad because their dance was cut short. (sem. domains: - Stop something.) comp. pabitin sa krismas tri , der. bitin , der. bitinan , der. ibitin , der. pabitin

buot silinggon [bu-ót silínggon] (comp. of buot, siling) id 1Mean, meaning, mean to say; as if to say; in other words. [lit: will say-to-somebody] ibig sabihin Kag buot silinggon it imo mga maguyang sa pagpiga sa imo sa pakikipaginuman ay adong indi ka magrako nak mayanguhon. What your parents mean in stopping you from drinking with others is that for you not to grow up to be a drunkard. syn: kahulugan, gustong bisayahon. (sem. domains: - Cause, 3.5.3 - Language.) 2The reason. (sem. domains: - Cause.)

di sariling mundo [di saríling mundó] (comp. of di, sarili) id Nerd; in a world of his own (as of somebody who is very intelligent or who thinks very differently to others). [lit: has own world] merong sariling mundo (sem. domains: - Intelligent.)

giling [gíling] vt To mill; to grind grain to remove the husk; to grind, mince meat. giling Abuyaron liwat ag pagkatapos ay ipagilingey. It’s dried again in the sun and afterwards it’s ground. (sem. domains: - Mill grain, - Steps in food preparation.) der. gilingan , der. pagiling , der. panggiling

giling-giting [giling-gitíng] n Pattern of scallop in dressmaking. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)

gilingan [gilingán] (der. of giling) n Milling house; milling tool; a spinning wheel. syn: talingyas 2. (sem. domains: - Mill grain, 6.7.9 - Machine, - Grind flour.)

gilingan bato [gilingán bató] n Grinding stone; millstone (as of the size of a large dinner plate). gilingang bato (sem. domains: 6.2.8 - Agricultural tool, - Mill grain, - Steps in food preparation.)

giniling [giníling] n A dish made of ground pork or beef with potato, carrots, green peas, onion, garlic and other spices. giniling (sem. domains: - Food from animals.)

hardin it sariling rila [hárdin it saríling rílà] (comp. of hardin, sarili, rila) exp The garden of one's native language, tongue. [lit: garden of own tongue] harden ng sariling dila Kaling arayon ay kauna-unahang punla it kag nagsuyat sa hardin it sariling rila. This study text is the attempt in the garden of the native tongue. (sem. domains: 3.5.3 - Language, - Mouth.)

hupay [hupáy] v 1To groan, talk in one’s sleep (as of any vocal expression when dreaming); be unable to move when asleep, having a nightmare. bangungot Si Papa pag nagkakatuyog kung minsan ay ginghuhupay. When Papa is sleeping he sometimes groans. (sem. domains: 5.7.2 - Dream.) 2To get sick, die after being unable to breathe, shout in one’s sleep. Kag ikinamatay ni Nong Popong ay dahil ginghupay sida. Uncle Popong died because he couldn’t breathe during his sleep. [Somebody who groans in sleep is woken, made to drink, wash their face and walk around for a while. Sleep apnea?] (sem. domains: 5.7 - Sleep.)

iling [ilíng] vbt To shake head sideways. umilíng Asi arang nag-iiling sida sa ako? Why do you think is she shaking her head sideways at me? (sem. domains: - Refuse to do something, - Disagree, - Agree with someone.)

iling-iling [iling-ilíng] v To shake one's head, as of a person saying 'no'. (sem. domains: 3.5.6 - Sign, symbol.)

ingos₂ [íngos] v To grimace, pull a face with pursed lips when smiling at somebody. nakanguso Hangit kag ida hali sa ida asawa nak inaingosan sinra pag nabisita sa inra bayay. His relatives are angry towards his wife because she’s always pursing her lips at them when his relatives visit their house. (sem. domains: - Mouth.)

ispilingon [ispilíngon] v To adjust to somebody’s peculiarities, capricious ways. mahirap unawain Abang hirap baga giispilingon tong ida asawa dahil waya gustong mag-ayos sida it ida sarili. It’s very hard to adjust to her husband’s peculiarities because he doesn’t want to mend his ways. (sem. domains: - Strange.)

kahab-an [kaháb-an] (irreg. infl. mahab-an) n Ceiling beams. Bag-ong ilis yang it kinang kahab-an it inra bayay. The ceiling beams of their house are newly replaced. (sem. domains: - Building equipment and maintenance, 6.5.3 - Building materials.)

kayduhan [kaydúhan] n Container, pot for boiling rice. saingan Nagbakay sida it kaldero nak yubotey kag inra kayduhan. She bought a new pot because their container for boiling rice already has a hole in it. (sem. domains: - Cooking utensil.)