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imbis nak [ímbis nak] conj Instead of…just (as of concession contra-expectation). Naghalin sinra imbis nak magbulig sa amo. They left instead of helping us. Imbis nak kaling planggana, kina yangey. Instead of using this dish just use that one. syn: lalo, miski 1.1, tapat. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission, - Give permission.)

lalo [lálo] (irreg. infl. lalong-lalo) adv Even more; especially ; more so (as of concession contra-expectation). lalo Waya sida gikakaon pero lalo sidang nagtataba. She doesn’t eat but she gets even fatter. syn: imbis nak, miski 1.1, tapat. der. lalong gador , der. lalong-lalo’ey

miski₁ 1.1conj Eventhough; even if (as of concession relations which include contra-expectation, hypothetical and contrafactual relations). kahit na Miski di sakit sida nagpipilit nak magpali. Eventhough he’s sick he insists on coming. Nagmamaneho sida it awto miski waya sa tamang idad. He drives a car eventhough he’s not of age. syn: imbis nak, lalo, tapat. der. miskan

tapat₂ [tapát] part Even more (as of concession contra-expectation). lalo Nagramo kag ida manok kada tapat sidang nagpakaalaga it iba pa. Her chickens increased therefore she got even more to take care of. syn: imbis nak, lalo, miski 1.1.