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inaslom [ináslom] 1n Vegetable dish cooked in water (with lemon juice but without garlic). bulanglang Inaslom ka ida gustong yutuon. She likes the vegetables cooked in water. [This recipe is to cook vegetables other than rootcrops. Tomatoes (kamatis) and chinese cabbage (pitsay) may be added.] (sem. domains: - Food from plants.) 2vt To cook vegetables in water. Ainasluman nako sida it usbor it kamote ag hantak. I will cook the sweet potato tops and beans in water for her. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

bitsin [bítsin] 1n Monosodium glutanate; MSG (as of Ajinomoto i.e. brand name). (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients.) 2v To put monosodium glutanate, MSG in food being cooked (as of adding Ajinomoto i.e. brand name). bitsin Ingbetsinan nida kag inaslom. She put monosodium glutanate on the vegetable dish. (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients, - Cooking methods.)