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amindigit [amíndigit/amíndikit] n 1Little digit on hand or foot; little toe; little finger; pinky (as of little finger). hinliliit Kahapros ka ako amindigit sa siki. My little toe hurts. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.) 2A fraction of something; a small part by comparison (as of a comparison of wealth). Waya pa it usang amindikit kag imo kayamanan kung ikumpara sa ako kayamanan. Your wealth is not yet one fraction of my wealth if you compare them. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

asing indi [ásing indî] (comp. of asi, indi) excl Why not?, why ever not?; of course, why not?; why wouldn't I? (as of a rhetorical response to why wouldn't do something that is the culturally expected response). (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

ay di [ay dî] (comp. of ay) conj 1Then; then the conclusion can be drawn; then one can conclude (as of saying "since/because... then..."). [grounds-conclusion] ay hindi Kung waya giabot kag Mayor ay di indi madayon ka miting. If the Mayor doesn’t arrive then the meeting won’t be held. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.) 2Then; then as a result (as of saying "since/because...then..."). [cause-result] Syn: kada 1, bag-o 1, nak sabaling 1, tapos. (sem. domains: 9.2.5 - Conjunctions.)

bahot sayong [báho't sáyong] (comp. of baho, it, sayong) id Blood relationship. hindi kaano-ano Waya ra’t baho’t sayong si Angel kana Judy. Angel doesn’t have any blood relation to Judy and his family. Ay man-o kung mananakaw sidang waya ra ako’t bahot sayong sa ida. So what if he’s a robber I don’t have any blood relationship with him. (sem. domains: - Saying, proverb.)

banuoy [banú-oy] (fr. var. banaoy) dial. var. of butawan

bidli [bidlî] v To have indigestion, burping, and the sour taste of gastric juice from the stomach coming back up into the mouth (especially after eating too much of a root crop). (sem. domains: - Stomach illness.)

bilyako [bilyáko] (irreg. infl. barako) adj Smart, clever, talented with an outgoing, extrovert personality. hindi mahiyain, bravo, matapang Ka ida anak ay bilyako. Her child is outgoing. Dahil sida ay bilyako nak eskwela sida it napili nak matuna tong programa. Because she is a brave pupil, she was chosen to lead the program. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.)

bindiyan [bindíyan] n A dance performed by a group of 4-6 couples, with three earthenware pots held by one of the female dances, one of which is on the head and one in each of her hands. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.)

bombay [Bómbay] n A person of Indian nationality or race (as of from the city of Bombay or another part of India). Kag nobyo ni Evelyn ay pay naambit sa Bombay. That fiancee of Evelyn’s seems to look like an Indian. [Perhaps] (sem. domains: - Race.)

buhalhal [buhálhal] adj 1Indifferent; careless; untidy; irresponsible (as of an adult who should take more care of things). buhaghag Buhalhal pa gihapon kag anak nida ay rayaga. Her child is still carefree in her ways even though she’s a young lady. Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

(sem. domains: - Below standard, - Immature in behavior, - Indifferent, - Careless, irresponsible.)
2Carelessly, loosely, poorly filled with charcoal (as of a bucket, container not containing a full quantity). (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Work poorly.)

buko makatawo [bukô makatáwo] (comp. of buko, tawo) adj Inhuman; non-humane. [lit: not favor-people] hindi makatao Buko makatawo kag ida pagtratar sa inra kabulig. His treatment of his household helpers is inhuman. (sem. domains: - Cruel.)

buko maluho [bukô malúhò] (comp. of buko, maluho) adj Not lavish, extravagant, expensive dresser; doesn't spend a lot on herself. [lit: not lavish] hindi maluho Si Susan ay buko maluho kung magbaro. Susan is not lavish in dressing. (sem. domains: - Stingy.)

buko man ra [bukô man ra] (comp. of buko, man, ra) id Not really true!; just joking. [lit: not really also] hindi naman Ayag pati sa ida istorya nak mabakay kami it kotse buko man ra kato matuor. Don’t believe him that we’ll buy a new car, that’s not really true. (sem. domains: - No, not.)

buko mapasalamaton [bukô mapasalamatón] (comp. of buko, salamat) adj Ungrateful; not thankful. [lit: not thankful] hindi marunong magpasalamat, walang utang na loob Si Tonying ay buko mapasalamaton aber anong kaaduhan kag imo ipakita. Tonying is ungrateful even if you have already shown him kindness. (sem. domains: - Thank.)

buko mauwang [bukô ma-úwang] (comp. of buko, uwang) adj Placid, happy, good, contented, doesn’t cry (as of a baby). [lit: not cry-loudly] hindi iyakin Waya sida nahirapi mag-alaga it anak dahil buko mauwang kato. She didn’t have a hard time taking care of a child because he’s a placid baby. (sem. domains: - Calm.)

buko pangintrimis [bukô pangintrimís] (comp. of buko, intrimis) id It’s very important, significant; no small thing; it’s not to be sneezed at; it’s no joke; it’s no mean thing (as of a great obstacle which has to be, will be overcome). [lit: not for-joke] hindi biro Kag pagpaeskwela sa kolehiyo sa mga anak ay buko pang-intrimis. It’s not a joke sending your children to college. (sem. domains: - Word.)

buko tama [bukô támà] (comp. of buko, tama) adj Incorrect; not right; wrong. [lit: not correct] hindi támà; tumpák (sem. domains: - True.)

buko₂ [bukô] neg No; not true (as of a negator of facts). hindi Buko matuor kina. That is not true. Buko nako ayam kung hina sida. I don’t know if he’s there. Buko hina kag mga anak. The children aren’t there. (sem. domains: - No, not.) comp. buko basta-basta , comp. buko hanuyos , comp. buko kapapati , comp. buko ma-inak , comp. buko magkatuwang , comp. buko mahab-as , comp. buko makatawo , comp. buko maluho , comp. buko man ra , comp. buko mapasalamaton , comp. buko masyadong mahadag , comp. buko mauwang , comp. buko pangintrimis , comp. buko permi-permi , comp. buko pigado , comp. buko tama , comp. buko...kundi ay

bukoy₃ [búkoy] 1adj Riding, entering, getting something for free (refers to free riders on a jeep or entering the movies for nothing etc.). (colloquial among men) (sem. domains: - Free of charge.) 2v To ride, enter, get for free (refers to free riders on a jeep or entering the movies for nothing etc.). (colloquial among men) hindi nagbabayad, malibre nang sakay Mabukoy yang ako isag pabanwa agor wayaey ako it pagpamasahe. I’ll just hitch a free ride to town later so I won’t have to pay the fare. (sem. domains: - Free of charge.)

bulig dum-ok [búlig dúm-ok] (comp. of bulig, dum-ok) id 1Help given with ulterior, self-serving motives (as of someone helping in order to receive gain). hindi taos na pagtulong Bulig dum-ok kag inghuman nida sa ida amo dahil ingkumpyansahan sida pero ingtakawan pa nida. What she did to her boss was to help with ulterior motives because she was trusted but still stole things. (sem. domains: - Cheat.) 2Help in oppressing, putting somebody down (as of joining with others against somebody). (sem. domains: - Hinder, - Unfriendly.)

gilingan bato [gilingán bató] n Grinding stone; millstone (as of the size of a large dinner plate). gilingang bato (sem. domains: 6.2.8 - Agricultural tool, - Mill grain, - Steps in food preparation.)

hador [hadór] v Uncooked; partially cooked; half-cooked. hindi luto Nahador kag sab-a nak ida gingyaya-ga dahil kuyang sa rabok. The bananas she cooked were only half cooked because there was not enough firewood. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)

hapros it amindikit nababatyagan it tanang yawas [hápros it amindikit nababatyagán it tanáng yáwas] say A sore little finger, toe, felt in one's whole body (lit. pain in small digit is felt in all parts of body). sakit ng kalingkingan ramdam ng buong katawan (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)

hayang-hayangon [hayang-hayangón] adj Not ordinary; unusual; not common. hindi biro Kag pagpaaray it ap-at nak anak sa kolehiyo ay hayang-hayangong bagay. To have four children study in college is an unusual thing. (sem. domains: - Unusual, - Interested.)

hingos-hingos [hingos-híngos] v To indicate a want, desire by gesture, touching without words (as of a child to a mother). (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request.)