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ingkanto [ingkánto] 1n Enchanted spirits; evil spirits; fairies. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2vi To be possessed by or under the influence of an evil spirit; to be a freak. ingkanto Naingkanto kuno si Maria sa Simara. They say Maria was possessed by an evil spirit in Simara. syn: mayaot 1. (sem. domains: - Demon possession.) der. ingkantado

kama-kama [kama-kamâ] n Elf, fairy; small supernatural beings that look like people and live near water taps, rivers. ingkanto (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)

mayaot [mayá-ot] 1adj Evil spirits, beings; evil one. syn: ingkanto 2. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2n Evildoing; wickedness. 3n Evil spirits; spirits of a good or bad nature including “windri-windri” (dwarfs) and “inkanto” (fairies). masamang espirito Nag-istar kuno kag mga mayaot sa kaguyangan. They say the evil spirits like to live in the deserted forest. Aya gitudlo-udlo hina sa kaguyangan baling makita ka it mga mayaot. Don’t ever point at something in the forest you might be seen by evil spirits.

baydo [báydo] vt To exchange, swap, barter one thing with another (as of in physical, financial or spiritual exchanges). palít Nagbayduhan sinra it ticket sa bapor. They exchange tickets for the ship. Nagbaydo ray kag abot it eroplano. The schedule for the airplanes arrival has again changed. Pwede baga nak ibaydo kag isra sa bugas? Can the fish be exchanged for rice? Abayduhan nako it manok kinang imo tiyo. I’ll exchange a chicken for your puppy. Ingbayduhan kag ida rungan it mga ingkanto. Her spirit was exchanged for that of the evil spirits. syn: tagaylo. (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) comp. bayduhan kita , der. ibaydo , der. kabaydo

daga [dágà] v To offer a sacrifice of blood (from a killed bird, animal or person) to evil spirits. daga Tawo kag idaga sa tuláy para magtibay. Humans are sacrificed for bridges so that they’ll be strong. Imbabayduhan kag duta it mga hadop sa mga bantay nak mga ingkanto parayan sa pagdaga. Land is exchanged for animals with the guardian spirits by means of sacrificing blood. [A blood sacrifice is made and buried in the hole of the first corner post, pilow which will be put up for a building. The bigger the structure the bigger the sacrifice e.g. a huge bridge takes human sacrifice (virgin), a pier takes an animal (pig, carabao), a house takes a bird (white rooster).] (sem. domains: - Offering, sacrifice.) der. idaga , der. inugpadaga , der. ipadaga , der. manugpadaga , der. padaga , der. pagdaga , der. pagpadaga

isyuso [isyúso] 1adj Always teasing; naughty. (sem. domains: - Obscenity, 4.2.8 - Humor, - Laugh.) 2vt To tease somebody; play a joke on somebody. binibiro Ingisyusuhan it anak kag ida manghor nak kabade. The child played a joke on his younger sister. Inainisyusuhan sida it mga ingkanto dahil pay inggwa permi it nagtatawag sa ida. Fairies are playing a joke on her because there seems to be someone who’s always calling her. (sem. domains: 4.2.8 - Humor.)

kindat [kíndat] vbt To raise one’s eyebrows at somebody; to wink (so as to be friendly). kindat Ingkindatan si Tang Igo it ingkantong kabade. The enchanted lady raised her eyebrows at the old man, Igo. (sem. domains: - Facial expression, - Eye.)

tabi [tabî] 11.1vt To ensure; to make sure; to plan something to coincide. tiyakin Atabuon nako nak hagto sida pagbisita nako. I will ensure that she’s there when I visit. 22.1sta To happen by chance; to occur. Natabo kag pagpanakaw tong usang gab-i. The theft happened the other night. 33.1vbt To happen to see, find something by chance; to meet by chance; to happen to come across. Natabuan nako sida sa inra bayay. I happened to see her at their house. Natabuan nako sa merkado kag isra. I happened to find fish in the market. Natabuan nako nak hagto sida sa ako ingpagtuan. I happened to come acroos her there where I went. 44.1vt To be bewitched by a spirit. Natabuan sida it ingkanto pag pagto sa kayatian. The spirit bewitched her when she went to the desserted forest.

tuob [túob] 11.1vt To burn something to drive out evil spirits. tuob Ingtuob sida ni Nang Puting nak naingkanto kuno sida. Nang Puting burned something to drive away the evil spirits from her because they said she was enchanted. 22.1v To give smoke bath of herbs after childbirth or to cure other sicknesses (as of mixture of alum, fish bones and herbs burnt to allow smoke to envelope a newly recovering mother who stands under a blanket. She has bathed 5-9 days after birth and this is to prevent any relapse). Si Celia ay gingtuob it paltira pagkaligos nida pagkatapos it 9 nak adlaw. The midwife gave Celia a smoke bath after she’d bathed on the 9th day after childbirth.

wayat kamatayon [wayá't kamatáyon] adj Immortal. walang kamatayan kag mga ingkanto suno sa istorya ay waya’t kamatayon. The enchanted spirits according to some stories are immortal.